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In the Laundry Room

Energy Efficiency in Your Laundry Room

Your laundry room presents another opportunity to save energy in your home.

As just one example, upgrade to a natural gas clothes dryer and you can increase your drying efficiency over electric units.

And no matter what type of dryer or washer you use, there are always ways to cut energy costs. Here are some other ways to save on laundry day.

Save energy when you're washing

  • Wash full loads only, but don't overload your machine
  • Adjust the water level to suit the size of your load
  • Use cold water—85 to 90 per cent of energy used to wash clothes goes to heating water

Save energy when you're drying

  • Put heavy items through a longer spin cycle in the washer to rid extra moisture
  • Clean your dryer's lint filter after every use
  • Make sure the flapper in your exhaust hood moves freely, and remove any lint buildup
  • Hang your clothes outside to dry—they'll last longer and smell fresher