Take advantage of our free Home Winterproofing Program, keep your home warm and comfortable all winter, and save energy.

If you qualify, you could receive:

  • New insulation and draft proofing installed by experienced professionals.
  • Savings of up to 30% on your energy use — and lower energy bills.

The Home Winterproofing Program is absolutely free to all qualifying homes. Enbridge will pay for the cost of the energy efficiency improvements such as insulation and draft proofing measures. We want to help you afford home improvements that will keep you warm and comfortable.

Benefits and Savings

There are many reasons to take part in our Home Winterproofing Program:

  • Save money: The program can cut your energy use by 30% and lower your energy bills. The greatest efficiency savings are in homes 35 years and older.  
  • Increase comfort: An energy-efficient home has fewer drafts, and lets you control the temperature.
  • Be healthier: Living in drafty conditions can be hard on your health. Fewer drafts mean a more comfortable home for you and your family. 
  • Protect the environment: The less energy you use, the cleaner the air. 
  • Increase the value of your home: Buyers and tenants like energy efficient homes.

The Process is Easy:

  1. Fill out our application.
  2. Your application is reviewed to see if you are eligible.
  3. An Enbridge delivery agent will visit your home to see what improvements are needed.
  4. Professional contractors will install insulation and draft proofing measures.
  5. After the work is complete, an Enbridge delivery agent will do an audit to measure how your energy efficiency has improved.

It's that simple! Watch our video below for more detailed information.

Find out if you are eligible

If you live in the Toronto area, you may also be eligible to take part in the Toronto Hydro HAP Program.

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Participant Testimonials

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Home Winterproofing Video

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