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* Annual savings amounts, savings percentages and "more expensive" percentages include HST.
** Natural gas vs. oil comparisons calculate heating and/or water heating costs & savings only.
*** Natural gas vs. wood comparisons calculate fireplace costs & savings only.
**** Estimated CO2 generation based on Canada's Emission Outlook Update, Energy Policy Branch, Natural Resources Canada (downloaded from Better Buildings).

Comparative data

The "Energy Cost and Natural Gas Savings Calculator" is provided as an illustrative tool, which gives customers an idea as to the amount of annual energy costs using natural gas as compared to alternative energy sources such as heating oil, propane, electricity, and wood. A customer's actual annual cost may vary due to energy prices, weather, lifestyle, equipment efficiency, and implemented household energy savings measures.

The annual energy cost, savings and comparisons are based on the following price or rate schedules;

EB-2018-0090 natural gas rate 1, effective April 1, 2018

Distribution Charge

Transportation Charge

Load Balancing Charge

System Sales Gas Supply Charge

Rate Block Dec-Mar Apr-Nov Dec-Mar Apr-Nov Dec-Mar Apr-Nov Dec-Mar Apr-Nov
(¢ cubic metre) (¢ cubic metre) (¢ cubic metre) (¢ cubic metre)
30 11.0799 11.0799 4.7525 4.7525 0 0 9.4452 9.4452
55 10.4625 10.4625 4.7525 4.7525 0 0 9.4452 9.4452
85 9.9791 9.9791 4.7525 4.7525 0 0 9.4452 9.4452
170 9.6188 9.6188 4.7525 4.7525 0 0 9.4452 9.4452
RIDER C (0.0885) (0.0885) (0.0885) (0.0885) (0.0885) (0.0885) (0.0885) (0.0885)
RIDER D (6.5211) (6.5211) (6.5211) (6.5211) (6.5211) (6.5211) (6.5211) (6.5211)

  • Heating oil price: 1.171 $/l - Statistics Canada the latest available delivered price at time of analysis (February 1, 2018).
  • Electricity rate: 0.106 $/kWh - Toronto Hydro new residential rate effective January 1, 2018 (does not include Ontario Clean Energy Benefit).  
    • For Regulated Price Plan Tiered Pricing: For Regulated Price Plan Time-of-Use Pricing:13.2¢/kWh on-peak price, 9.5¢/kWh mid-peak price, and 6.5¢/kWh off-peak price. Other electricity rate components are as follows: distribution charge 1.063¢/kWh, transmission charge 1.376¢/kWh, wholesale market service rate 0.36¢/kWh. The cost of electricity does not include HST. It also does not include any fixed charges including the customer charge. All other effective charges were included in the price of electricity, although not specifically shown here.
  • Propane price: 0.693 $/L - The average price as listed on the Edpro website for residential Zone 4 price (February 1, 2018). 
  • Wood price: 875 $/Full Chord 
  • 20 lb. propane tank price: 39.99 $/Tank retail price 
  • All of the above prices per unit exclude the 13% HST and the Ontario Clean Energy Benefit. 

The comparisons use equivalent heating equipment efficiency ratings for natural gas, propane and heating oil. i.e.: high efficiency heating systems are 90% efficient for the above listed energy sources and conventional/mid efficient heating systems are considered to be 80% efficient. The electric heating systems are rated as 100% efficient.

The water heater systems are assumed to be 62% efficient for natural gas and propane energy sources, and 55% efficient for home heating oil energy using equipment. Electric water heating systems are rated with a 95% efficiency rating. Other appliance/equipment efficiency ratings are as follows:

  • Dryer - natural gas: 85%, electric: 100%
  • Fireplace - natural gas: 65%, electric: 100% 
  • Stove - natural gas: 52%, electric: 75% 
  • Pool & spa heater - natural gas: 62%, propane: 62%, electric: 95%

Water heating and non-heating appliances' average prices are marginal average prices based on the incremental load to the heating load.

"N/A" responses are the result of a not applicable comparison, or a non-savings result.