Make the Switch to Natural Gas

There are plenty of great reasons to switch to natural gas.

Most popular choice 

Natural gas is currently Ontario's first energy choice for heating homes, business and water. Whether you buy your gas supply from us, or from a gas marketer, we're responsible for safely and reliably delivering it to you.

You’ll save using natural gas

If you’re converting to natural gas from electricity or oil, get ready for savings. When you compare, you’ll see that on average, over the past five years, natural gas has been about 66 per cent less expensive than electricity and about 67 per cent less expensive than oil.* Use our conversion calculator to see for yourself.

Natural gas is a versatile fuel 

Look around your home and you'll see a use for natural gas – from water heaters to clothes dryers to fireplaces. Better still, natural gas can also be used outside – for barbecuing, lighting your yard and even heating your swimming pool or hot tub.

Natural gas is safe

Natural gas gives you peace of mind. You'll be using one of the safest energy sources available. Here is how to use gas safely in your home.

You’ll add to your home’s resale value 

Since natural gas is today’s preferred fuel choice, adding a natural gas furnace and appliances can increase the resale value of your home.

You can’t beat the convenience 

Install a natural gas fireplace or campfire and enjoy cozy heat at the push of a button. With a natural gas barbecue you’ll never worry about running out of propane or charcoal again!

Environmental benefits 

In both the delivery and combustion process, clean burning natural gas generates less solid waste and water pollution than other conventional energy sources. In addition, it has fewer pollutant emissions than coal based power generation.

Consistent, reliable supply 

With natural gas, you don’t have to think about running out of fuel or arranging for deliveries.

Natural gas gives you future possibilities

Natural gas appliances also let you:

  • Splash in the pool from May to October with a natural gas pool heater 
  • Enjoy a crackling campfire without leaving your backyard
  • Cook like a pro with a natural gas stove or barbecue 
  • Cuddle up to a flickering natural gas fireplace in your family room or master bedroom

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 *Based on a five-year rolling average from May 2009 to April 2014. Natural gas prices are based on Enbridge Gas Distribution’s prices up to and including April 2014 rates. Electricity prices are based on Toronto Hydro’s Ontario Energy Board approved rates up to and including current rates, approved in November 2013. Oil prices are based on publicly posted Statistics Canada historical rates up to and including rates available as of February 2014. The calculations are done on an energy equivalent basis. Estimates do not include taxes, appliances or any rental or financing costs.