Get up to $5,000 to improve your home’s energy efficiency

The Home Efficiency Rebate can help lower your energy costs and make it more comfortable year-round. Get up to $5,000 in rebates for insulation, air sealing, new windows/doors, water heaters, boilers, furnaces and home energy assessments.

Before you start any renovation work, you must complete a home energy assessment. A registered energy advisor will look at how your home uses energy and tell you which upgrades will help you save - and how they work together. If you complete at least two of the recommended upgrades, you’ll get money back.

It’s easy to invest in comfort

The benefits add up

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    Lower your energy bills.

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    Make every room more comfortable.

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    Increase your home’s resale value.

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    Reduce wear-and-tear on your heating system.

“My home’s a lot more comfortable and a lot less cold.”

After completing an energy assessment, Erica eliminated her home’s chilly drafts and received rebates for completing air sealing, upgrading her attic insulation and replacing her furnace. Today, her house is warmer, and her natural gas bill is lower.

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Where should I upgrade my home's insulation?

Get rebates when you install at least two upgrades

Exterior wall insulation symbol

Exterior wall insulation
Get up to $3,000 back

Without properly insulated walls, outside air can seep in and out, wasting valuable energy dollars.

Basement insulation symbol

Basement insulation
Get up to $1,250 back

Insulating your basement can keep rooms above more comfortable and prevent moisture damage.

Boiler symbol

Get $1,000 back

Ultra-quiet and more energy-efficient, boilers can help reduce heating costs.

Attic insulation symbol

Attic insulation
Get up to $750 back

A well-insulated attic prevents air and money from escaping through your roof.

Water heater symbol

Water heater
Get $400 back

Water heating accounts for the second largest energy use in your home, so it’s worth the upgrade.

Furnace symbol

Get $250 back

High efficiency pays. You must complete at least three upgrades to qualify for the furnace rebate.

Draft symbol

Air sealing
Get up to $150 back

Sealing cracks in walls, doors and windows can save money by preventing energy from escaping.

Window symbol

Get $40 back for each

Energy-efficient windows, skylights and doors can prevent condensation and eliminate drafts.

Do more, get bonus rebates

Get $150

Install three upgrades.

Get $500

Install four upgrades.

Get $750

Install five or more upgrades.

PLUS: Insulate 100 percent of your basement for an additional $500 bonus rebate.

Limited time bonus rebate is available to former Union Gas Customers!*

Get a bonus rebate when you complete your initial home energy assessment on or after July 11, 2022, and your final post-upgrade assessment by November 30, 2022.**

Get up to $1,750 when you insulate 100 percent of your attic and achieve air sealing target.

Is your household eligible?

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    You’re planning to renovate or replace old equipment, and haven’t yet started the work.

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    You’re a residential Enbridge Gas customer.

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    You own a detached, semi-detached, row townhouse or a mobile home with a permanent foundation.

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    Your home is heated with a natural gas furnace or boiler §.

How the program works

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Schedule a home energy assessment

Before starting any work, you must first complete a home energy assessment with a registered energy advisor.
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Get a custom report with recommended upgrades

After your home energy assessment, your registered energy advisor will provide a report with a list of recommended upgrades to help lower your natural gas bill and make your home comfortable.
Number three icon

Complete at least two eligible upgrades

For each additional upgrade you install, you'll get additional bonus incentives up to $750. To qualify for the furnace rebate, you must complete three upgrades.
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Schedule a follow-up energy assessment

You must complete a final home energy assessment to qualify for rebates. The follow-up visit takes about one hour and must take place within 120 days of your first visit.
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Receive your rebate cheque within 12 weeks

We’ll also reimburse you $600 for your energy assessments. This will be included in your final cheque.

Ready to get started?

Before you start any work, contact a registered energy advisor to complete a home energy assessment. You’ll be reimbursed $600 for this cost.

Find an energy advisor

This program is delivered by registered energy advisors across Ontario

Registered energy advisors are authorized by Enbridge Gas. They will guide you through the program steps and complete your home energy assessments.

Frequently asked questions

Why is Enbridge Gas offering this program?

We offer a range of energy conservation programs that help Ontarians save energy and money. By helping you reduce energy use, we’re not only doing our part in the fight against climate change, but helping to keep natural gas affordable for all with less wear-and-tear on our infrastructure.

Why do I need to complete two upgrades?

Your home works as a system. To improve its energy efficiency, it’s important to understand that all parts work together and affect each other’s performance. For example, without proper air sealing, even new insulation will let air escape.

Why do you work with a service organization to deliver this program?

We work with trusted service organizations across Ontario to deliver this program. Their representatives are professionally trained to work with you to complete the home energy assessments and are available every step of the way to answer any questions.

I need to replace my furnace right away—how soon can I book an assessment?

We understand that furnace replacements require immediate attention. Most of our service organizations offer next-day appointments to prioritize urgent energy assessments. As many service organizations work closely with contractors, we also recommend asking your HVAC contractor to directly refer you to a few registered energy advisors.

Do I need to hire a contractor to complete the work?

Some upgrades, such as air sealing, can be done quickly and easily with a little research and guidance. However, bigger upgrades, such as replacing a furnace, water heater or boiler are recommended to be completed by a licensed HVAC contractor. Be sure to ask for credentials and check reviews when choosing a contractor.

Are the registered energy advisors from Enbridge Gas?

While Enbridge Gas oversees the program and provides the rebates, we work with service organizations across Ontario to deliver this program in each region. These organizations conduct the home energy assessments and are there to lead you through every step of the program.

I’ve already started my renovation—can I still get rebates?

No, this program is designed to provide custom advice and recommendations on your upgrades, so you must complete an initial home energy assessment before starting any renovation work. Any upgrades that have been completed prior to the home energy assessment are not eligible to apply for the Home Efficiency Rebate.

Do I have to pay for the home energy assessment?

While customers are responsible for covering the upfront cost of the initial and final home energy assessments, $600 will be reimbursed with your final rebate cheque if your initial energy assessment was completed on June 3, 2021 or later.

Can I participate in both the Home Efficiency Rebate and the Canada Greener Homes Grant?

In most cases, yes, homeowners can participate in both programs but cannot receive duplicate rebates for the same qualifying energy efficiency improvements and energy assessments. For further clarity, you cannot apply for rebates for the same home energy assessment costs, heating system, water heating system, insulation upgrades, air sealing or the same windows or doors. Rebate stacking is not permitted with the Home Efficiency Rebate. In addition, customers who apply for an Air Source Heat Pump through the Canada Greener Homes Grant are not eligible for the Home Efficiency Rebate program. The Canada Greener Homes grant is a federal offer and is not associated with Enbridge Gas.

Can I get a rebate for upgrading my floor above crawl space if I’ve already insulated my crawl space wall?

It is not necessary to upgrade the floor above crawl space and crawl space wall insulation together, and won’t provide you with a higher rebate. If the crawl space walls are insulated then they are assumed to be the edge of the building envelope, therefore the floor above crawl space is no longer eligible for a rebate as it is within the conditioned envelope of the crawl space wall. If the crawl space walls are not insulated however, then insulating the floor above crawl space would qualify for the rebate.

Does Enbridge Gas solicit participation for the Home Efficiency Rebate by calling or coming door-to-door?

Enbridge Gas does not solicit customers either door-to-door or over the phone for the Home Efficiency Rebate offer. Registered Energy Advisors will only come to your door when an appointment has been initiated and booked by you for an energy assessment for the Home Efficiency Rebate.

For more information on Consumer Protection.

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Program terms and conditions

§ Natural Gas furnace or boiler must be the primary heating source for both the initial and final energy assessments. Customers who apply for an ASHP through the Canada Greener Homes Grant are not eligible to participate in the HER program.
†† If initial energy assessment was completed on June 3, 2021, or later.
Enbridge Gas Inc. reserves the right to cancel offers at any time. See Program Terms and Conditions.

Additional Terms and conditions for limited time bonus rebate for former Union Gas customers

* Limited time offer only available to former customers of Union Gas. Enbridge Gas has the right to cancel promotion at any time. Terms and conditions apply. Contact one of our Registered Energy Advisors for more details.
** Total bundle rebates include $600 assessment home efficiency rebate reimbursement. Homes that complete additional measures on top of the bundles above will receive additional rebates.
◊ Minimum R60 required.
Rebates are pro-rated based on the total area percentages upgraded.