Planning to excavate within 30m or cross vehicles/ equipment over a vital pipeline?

Your natural gas locate will indicate that there might be additional requirements.

If you place a request to Ontario One Call to inquire about where natural gas lines are buried and where to avoid digging, the response from the locate service provider may include a notice identifying that a vital natural gas pipeline is within 30m of the proposed work area. You legally cannot begin your work until a clearance is obtained.

How do I obtain a clearance? Follow all instructions on the utility locate which directs you on how to engage Enbridge Gas. You will be advised of next steps and any requirements.

What types of requirements may apply? Depending on your proposed work, requirements can include: additional technical reviews, a free Enbridge Gas representative being present to observe your work, and/or a crossing & encroachment agreement.

By law, a crossing & encroachment agreement must be obtained by the constructor from the pipeline owner before starting any work within 30m of Canada Energy Regulator-regulated pipelines for work involving; excavation, installation, and/or moving vehicles/equipment.

For more information

It is suggested that professional contractors obtain subsurface utility engineering information and during their design phase engage Enbridge Gas as far in advance of their planned work start date as possible. See Enbridge’s Third-Party Requirements Standard for a list of contacts.

For more information on these Canada Energy Regulator damage prevention regulations, visit Guidance for Safe Crossings of Canada Energy Regulator-Regulated Pipelines Using Agricultural Vehicles and Mobile Equipment or contact the Canada Energy Regulator Pipeline Damage Prevention staff at 1-800-899-1265 or by email at