Service under this rate schedule shall apply to the transmission, compression and storage services provided to the Company's Union rate zones ("Customer"). Prior to January 1, 2019, these services were provided pursuant to the Transmission and Compression Services Agreement with Union Gas Limited dated April 1, 1989, and the Transmission, Compression and Pool Storage Service Agreement with Centra Gas Ontario Inc. dated May 30, 1994 ("Prior Agreements"). Service shall be provided in accordance with operating parameters and cost allocation as specified in the Prior Agreements.


The Customer shall pay for service rendered in each month in a contract year, the sum of the following applicable charges:

Rate 325 Demand rate and commodity rates
  Demand rate
$ / 10³ m³
Commodity rate
$ / 10³ m³
FT Service 5.7781 -
IT Service - 0.2280
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The rates quoted above shall be subject to the Federal Carbon Charge (if applicable) and the Facility Carbon Charge(in addition to delivery charge) contained in Rider “J”.

Fuel Ratio Requirement
Fuel Ratio applicable to per unit of gas injected and withdrawn is 0.35%.

Minimum bill
The minimum monthly bill shall be the sum of the applicable Demand Charges as stated in Rate Section above.

Excess Volume and Overrun Rates
In addition to the charges provided for in the Rate Section above, the Customer shall pay, for services rendered, the sum of the following applicable charges as they are incurred:

Terms and conditions of service

  1. Excess Volumes will be billed at the total of the Excess Volume Charges as stated above.
  2. Transmission and Compression, and Pool Storage Overrun Service will be billed according to the following:
  • At the end of each month, in a contract year, the Company will make a determination, for each day in the month, of:

Excess Volume Charge
$ / 10³m³ / Year
Overrun Charge
$ / 10³m³ / Day
Transmission and Compression
Authorized 2.8459 0.7802
Unauthorized - 313.2373
Pool Storage
Authorized 2.6875 0.7443
Unauthorized - 293.8269

For each day of the month, where any such differences exceed 2.0% of the Customer's relevant Maximum Daily Injection Volume and/or Maximum Daily Withdrawal Volume, the Customer shall pay a charge equal to the relevant Overrun rates, as stated above, for such differences.

Billing adjustment

  1. Injection deficiency – If at the beginning of any Withdrawal Period the Customer's Storage Balance is less than the Customer's Annual Turnover Volume, due solely to the Company's inability to inject gas for any reason other than the fault of the Customer, then the applicable Demand Charge for Annual Turnover Volume for the contract year beginning the prior April 1 as stated in Rate Section as applicable, shall be adjusted by multiplying each by a fraction, the numerator of which shall be the Customer's Storage Gas Balance as of the beginning of such Withdrawal Period and the denominator shall be the Customer's Annual Turnover Volume as it may have been established for the then current year.
  2. Withdrawal deficiency – If in any month in a contract year for any reason other than the fault of the Customer, the Company fails or is unable to deliver during any one or more days, the amount of gas which the Customer has nominated, up to the maximum volumes which the Company is obligated by the Agreement to deliver to the Customer, then the Demand Charge for maximum Contract Daily Withdrawal Volume in the contract year otherwise payable for the month in which such failure occurs, as stated in Rate Section above, as applicable, shall be reduced by an amount for each day of deficiency to be calculated as follows: The Demand Charge for maximum Contract Daily Withdrawal Volume for the contract year for the month will be divided by 30.4 and the result obtained will then be multiplied by a fraction, the numerator being the difference between the nominated volume for such day and the delivered volume for such day and the denominator being the Customer's maximum Contract Daily Withdrawal Volume for such contract year.

Terms and expressions

In the application of this Rate Schedule to each of the Agreements, terms and expressions used in this Rate Schedule have the meanings ascribed thereto in such Agreement.

Effective date

To apply to bills rendered for gas delivered on and after January 1, 2021. This rate schedule is effective
January 1, 2021 and replaces the identically numbered rate schedule that specifies implementation date,
January 1, 2021 and that indicates the Board Order, EB-2020-0195 effective October 1, 2020.

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