Below the surface of the earth, the temperature stays the same regardless of the temperature change above ground. Using a geothermal system, the heat from the earth can be passed into your home when it’s cold and moved from your home back into the earth when it’s hot. The Enbridge Geothermal Program helps provide you with affordable and quality access to Geothermal System.

Geothermal System heats your home in the summer and cools your home in the winter using energy extracted from the Earth through pipes installed between 5-200+ feet underground.

There are two parts to a Geothermal System

  • Inside your home a heat pump is installed which is similar in size and shape to a furnace
  • Outdoor your home a piping system called a Geothermal loop is installed underground

In winter, this piping system, acts as a heat-exchanger between the warm earth and the air inside your home. Energy is transferred through the pipes into the home where a heat pump then converts the low temperature energy into usable thermal energy that is distributed into the home through duct work or radiant piping.

In summer, this process is reversed and the heat and humidity inside your home is removed and transferred back into the cooler earth for use at a later time.

There are two common types of Geothermal loop installations

  • Horizontal loops involve trenching and installing piping at depths around 5-6ft. below the surface. These installations require approx. ½-3/4 acre of available land on the property.
  • Vertical loops are installed by drilling into the earth to depths of 200 ft. and greater and installing the piping in the boreholes.This method requires a much smaller footprint which makes them perfect for suburban and community lots.

How Geothermal system works info-graphic


Save more on your monthly heating cost.
  • Geothermal Systems are 300-400% more efficient compared to conventional heating sources like propane, oil and electricity which peak at 95% efficiency.
Decrease your carbon footprint and impact to the environment.
  • Geothermal Systems heats and cools your home without the use of fossil fuels. The equipment creates zero harmful greenhouse gas emissions.
Easy access to your energy.
  • Geothermal systems do not require fill-ups to your home and uses electricity which remains at a relatively constant cost throughout the year. In comparison, oil and propane requires fill-ups and often come with fluctuating fuel prices.

Getting started

Installing a Geothermal System in your home is a significant investment. The Enbridge Gas Geothermal Program helps provide you with affordable and quality access to a Geothermal system.

We work with geothermal experts to ensure pipes are installed properly plus we’ll breakdown the full geothermal service into an affordable monthly fee.

In most cases, Geothermal Loops are expensive and accounts for a large portion of the upfront installation cost. Through the Enbridge Gas Geothermal Program we will:

  • Cover all associated material and installation costs for the geothermal loop (installed outside your home underground)
  • Provide our expertise and oversight of the installation including ongoing maintenance and repairs to the Geothermal loop.
  • Charge a monthly rental service fee for the Geothermal loops.

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