CNG Highway Tractors

Fuel your fleets for less

Your fleet of the future is ready today. For fleet owners, compressed natural gas (CNG) is an investment in the future. When you switch your trucks to CNG, you'll unlock the potential of a viable climate-friendly fuel that can reduce fuel costs by as much as 40 percent and pay you back in under five years—shorter than the life of your truck.

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Reduce fuel costs up to 40%

Count on lower, stable prices with CNG.


Clean, ultra-quiet engines

Up to 90 percent quieter compared to diesel.

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We'll work with you

Get a plan for your business and budget.

The future of fuel is here

With longer drive ranges than electric and more predictable prices than diesel, here's why clean-burning CNG is the fuel of choice for highway tractors.

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90% fewer tailpipe emissions*

Because CNG has a lower carbon content than petroleum-based products such as diesel, it burns cleaner, helping you reduce GHG emissions. Recently introduced natural gas engines are more reliable and efficient with "near-zero" certification.
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Reduce fuel costs up to 40%

With stable and predictable pricing, CNG can lower maintenance overheads and cut fuel costs by up to 40 percent compared to diesel.
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Accessible refueling stations

CNG vehicles can go 1,700 km before refuelling at a well-established and growing network of convenient fuelling stations along major highways.
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Smooth operator performance

Drivers love the reductions in exhaust, diesel particulates and engine noise that CNG vehicles provide.
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Fast and convenient refuelling

Fume-free and spill-free rapid refuelling, with no special training required for drivers to fill up.
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Market-ready solution

Compared to electric, CNG infrastructure is ready to serve: there's an abundant supply of gas, a vast network of fuelling stations and service garages already in place across North America.
ⓘ *NOx emissions of 0.02 /bhp-hr (90% below EPA)

Let Enbridge Gas help you make the switch

Leave it to us to help you make the switch to cost-effective and climate-friendly CNG. We offer free expert help to assess your fleet, help calculate costs, determine customizable programs that meet the needs of your business, and transition your highway tractors to CNG.

North America map of CNG self-service refueling and service stations

Self-serve fuelling and service stations across North America

With public CNG fuelling stations along major highways from Montreal to Texas and California.
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    Requires no special training.

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    Self-service as easy as diesel—nozzle to receptacle.

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    Fast fill time means drivers can get back on the road quickly.

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Streamline costs and time with on-site refuelling

For new fleet owners, on-site refuelling stations may be the most economical route to take.

On-site stations make overnight refuelling convenient and cost-effective, with the added benefit of supplementary earnings.

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Get free, expert help to switch

Enbridge Gas can help you make the transition with seamless, customizable programs. We'll work with you to:

Weigh the advantages of CNG over other fuels.
Calculate potential savings and payback.

Create a conversion plan that works with your budget.

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