Municipal transit solutions

Get to net zero faster

Transit systems play an essential role in the transition to a cleaner energy future. We can help you switch fleets to renewable natural gas (RNG), with turnkey deployment and capital support to help reduce emissions and fight climate change.

A made-in-Ontario solution with many benefits

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Diverts organic waste

Created from greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions released when organic waste decomposes, RNG can be used to fuel transit and waste fleet trucks.
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Match the range of diesel

Compared to battery buses with limited range*, compressed RNG is suitable for routes of all distances, allowing for a seamless conversion from diesel.
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Carbon neutral

Producing RNG captures harmful GHG emissions that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.
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Refuel in minutes

Enjoy fueling times comparable to diesel, with a constant supply of fuel at a lower cost.

Success story

Ontario’s first carbon-negative bus

Hamilton, Ontario residents can enjoy a cleaner commute on a bus powered by 100 percent RNG. As RNG captures harmful emissions, using it to fuel transit actually goes beyond achieving net zero carbon.

A made-in-Ontario waste-to-energy solution, the RNG used to fuel the bus is produced nearby at the StormFisher Biogas Facility in London, Ontario.

Cost-effective and resilient

At roughly the same price as diesel, the case for RNG is clear.

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    Leverages existing infrastructure and vehicles, and can be used where electric options are not feasible.

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    Fewer service interruptions than electricity, and resilient against extreme weather events.

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    Equivalent range and performance as diesel, while reducing emissions up to 200 percent.

RNG: part of the circular economy

Municipalities are uniquely positioned to reduce waste by maximizing resources. By producing RNG from organic waste, landfill and wastewater and using it to power industry, fuel fleets, and heat homes and businesses, municipalities can transition to a circular economy.

  • Make waste management more effective and reduce the need for landfill.
  • Distribute RNG using the existing natural gas system.
  • Reduce emissions more affordably, compared to electrification.

Convert transit fleets to RNG today

Enbridge Gas can help you transition with seamless, customizable programs. We’ll work with you to:

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  • Create a conversion plan that works with your budget.
  • Calculate potential savings and payback.
  • Secure capital support for RNG projects.
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