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You can easily manage and pay your natural gas bill in minutes from anywhere! Sign in to My Account and find the options to make a payment on the ‘Manage My Account’ tab.

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What’s that smell?

Natural gas leaks aren’t common, but they can be dangerous. Know how to deal with a possible leak quickly and safely by taking our short quiz. Find out how to identify a gas leak by the smell, sound and other signs.

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Keep your family and customers safe

Inspect and maintain natural gas appliances regularly to keep them working efficiently and safely.

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Assurance of Voluntary Compliance

Enbridge Gas Inc. has provided the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) an accepted Assurance of Voluntary Compliance following an inspection into Enbridge Gas sending out 18,500 disconnection notices in August 2020 which were found to be non-compliant with OEB rules. Enbridge Gas has taken all reasonable steps to ensure compliance with our customer disconnection-related obligations and has put in place operational improvements to prevent recurrence of non-compliance. Disconnection is our last resort in situations where there is a longstanding history of nonpayment and we will make every effort to avoid this by working directly with customers to structure payment arrangements and to offer support through available energy assistance plans.

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