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Ajax community home

Ajax reinforcement project

As you may know, the energy needs of a city grow in proportion to its population. We have identified the strong need to reinforce our natural gas system in the burgeoning region of Ajax, Ontario.

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Bobcaygeon Community Expansion Project

Bobcaygeon residents will soon be able to benefit from access to the most affordable and reliable energy source for their homes and businesses. The Bobcaygeon Community Expansion Project (the Project) will enable Enbridge Gas to provide natural gas to approximately 4,000 forecasted customers over 10 years.

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Boundary Road Pipeline Project thumbnail

Boundary road pipeline project

In order to provide safe, essential natural gas to new customers in the Boundary Road area, Enbridge Gas is proposing to install two sections of pipeline -- 6.2 km of 4-inch steel pipe and 3.9 km of 4-inch polyethylene pipe respectively, and the installation of a new district station to support it.

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Cedar Springs community expansion project

Enbridge Gas is proposing to construct the Cedar Springs Community Expansion Project to provide safe, reliable, and affordable natural gas to the community of Cedar Springs in the City of Burlington.

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Dawn Corunna project

In order to maintain the safe and reliable operation of Enbridge Gas’s system, and to continue meeting the natural gas needs of our customers, we are replacing some of our older natural gas storage and transmission assets in the in St. Clair Township area.

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Keating Railway Bridge thumbnail

Don River Relocation Project

The project has identified that a segment of 20-inch vital natural gas main that supplies the City of Toronto needs to be relocated to facilitate the widening of the Keating Railway Bridge as part of Waterfront Toronto’s Port Lands Flood Protection Enabling Infrastructure Project.

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Fenelon Falls pipeline project

We constructed up to a total of approximately 37 kilometers (km) of natural gas pipelines to serve the Community of Fenelon Falls.

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Greenstone Pipeline Project

Greenstone pipeline project

To service Greenstone Gold Mines GP Inc’s Greenstone Mine Project with clean, affordable natural gas, Enbridge Gas Inc. (Enbridge Gas) is proposing to construct a 14 kilometre (km) 6-inch diameter steel natural gas pipeline.

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Haldimand shores community expansion project

Enbridge Gas is proposing to construct the Haldimand Shores Community Expansion Project to provide affordable natural gas to the community in the Township of Alnwick/Haldimand.

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Kingston waterfront thumbnail

Kingston lateral reinforcement project

The Kingston lateral reinforcement project will include the construction of a 2 km natural gas pipeline that will begin at the existing Westbrook Enbridge Gas station on Westbrook Road, and connect to Enbridge Gas’ existing system just north of Hwy 401 at a new valve site.

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London market clock tower thumbnail

London lines replacement project

This vital construction project serving various communities in the Middlesex and Lambton Counties will install approximately 82 kilometres of 4-inch and 6-inch diameter natural gas pipeline, that runs through Middlesex County and Lambton County. The project is designed to improve system integrity and provide operational flexibility by replacing the two current pipelines in the area (known as the London Lines).

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Bridge over waterway in forest thumbnail

Low-carbon energy project

The objective of the project is to blend a small amount of hydrogen gas into our existing natural gas network, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Enbridge Gas operates a facility which converts surplus electrical energy to hydrogen gas, which would be injected into the existing natural gas network.

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Gateway to the north sign thumbnail

North Bay community expansion project

This project brought natural gas to the communities of North Bay: Peninsula and Northshore Road. This project includes the construction of 27 kilometres of natural gas pipeline at a total cost of $10 million.

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Lakeshore W traffic lights thumbnail

NPS 20 pipeline replacement cherry to bathurst project

This project is to replace 4.5 kilometres (km) of natural gas pipeline of an existing and critically important high pressure 20-inch steel natural gas pipeline that is currently located underground along Lake Shore Boulevard from Cherry Street to Remembrance Drive in Toronto and on Parliament Street from Mill Street to Lake Shore Blvd.

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Owen Sound thumbnail

Owen Sound reinforcement project

To ensure the region continues to have access to affordable natural gas, Enbridge Gas built 36 kilometres of 12-inch diameter natural gas pipeline in the Municipality of West Grey and the Township of Chatsworth.

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Panhandle Regional Expansion project map thumbnail

Panhandle Regional Expansion Project

To increase capacity and serve additional demand for affordable and reliable energy, Enbridge Gas is proposing to increase the capacity of our Panhandle Transmission System, which serves residential, commercial, industrial, greenhouse, and power generation customers in the municipalities of Chatham-Kent, Windsor, County of Essex, Lakeshore, Leamington, Kingsville, Essex, Amherstburg, LaSalle and Tecumseh.

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Natural gas pipeline in the ground thumbnail

Rockland reinforcement project

To better provide affordable natural gas service to the growing municipality of Clarence-Rockland, this project installed a secondary natural gas line to maintain delivery pressures. The project included the construction of up to 4.5 km of 4-inch steel natural gas pipeline and connected to Enbridge Gas’ existing system

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Sarnia industrial pipeline reinforcement project

Demand for natural gas from industries in the Sarnia area is increasing. As a result, Enbridge Gas constructed a natural gas pipeline between our existing Dow valve site and Bluewater interconnect transmission stations in the Township of St. Clair. The pipeline will be 20 inches in diameter, and approximately 1.2 km in length.

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Saugeen First Nation thumbnail

Saugeen First Nation community expansion project

This project included the construction of 16 kilometres of natural gas pipeline at a total cost of $3.3 million to the Saugeen First Nation.

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Seaton employment lands project map thumbnail

Seaton employment lands pipeline project

We have identified the need to construct approximately 3.5 km of natural gas pipeline in the City of Pickering. The proposed project stems from a customer request for the provisions of gas distribution service to a large assembly plant. The assembly plant is to be constructed on the Seaton employment lands in the City of Pickering.

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Sparks street thumbnail

Sparks street replacement project

The project is required to replace a 900-metre (m) segment of vital natural gas main along Sparks Street in downtown Ottawa, as the existing nominal pipe size (NPS) 12-inch pipeline is approaching its life expectancy.

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St Laurent Ottawa north pipeline project

We have identified the need to replace approximately 13 km of an existing extra high pressure (XHP) steel natural gas pipeline (St. Laurent Pipeline) that is currently located along St. Laurent Boulevard in Vanier and Ottawa South. The project under consideration represents Phases 3 and 4 of a four-phase plan for replacing the existing St. Laurent Pipeline.

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St. Laurent road thumbnail

St. Laurent replacement pipeline project

We installed 1.7 km of pipeline along St. Laurent Boulevard, in the City of Ottawa as the need to replace the existing pipeline on St. Laurent Boulevard due to the current pipe conditions and to better service 140 customers by transferring customers to an intermediate pressure (IP) system.

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2021-2022 Storage enhancement project

To meet the growing demand for natural gas, we are constructing the 2021/2022 storage enhancement project. The project -- located in St. Clair Township, in the County of Lambton -- will allow us to store additional natural gas and to improve the deliverability of our storage operations.

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Windsor waterfront thumbnail

Windsor pipeline replacement project

The project involves replacing approximately 64 km of the existing Windsor Line, which is a combination of 8 inch and 10-inch diameter pipelines, with a new 6-inch diameter pipeline that will be constructed in the vicinity of the existing pipeline.

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