Working together for a sustainable future

Energy warms our homes, powers our vehicles and helps produce and move the goods we use every day. As our climate changes, energy systems are evolving, working together to meet our future energy needs sustainably.

For us, innovation comes naturally. We’re collaborating to advance new green technologies to fuel transportation, heat buildings and power industry. We’re introducing new renewable fuels and finding practical ways to use less energy.

The path to net zero

The most cost-effective and resilient path to net-zero*Net zero means reducing GHG emissions to as close to zero as possible, then balancing any remaining emissions with an equivalent amount of carbon removal through environmental actions and innovative technology.
emissions requires electric and gas systems to work together. This includes increased electrification of building heat, personal and light-duty vehicles; greening the gas supply with renewable natural gas and hydrogen; and powering industry with hydrogen and blended natural gas, combined with carbon capture.

This collaborative approach will:

  • Reliably meet our energy needs, even on the coldest days.
  • Meet the energy needs of industries like concrete and steel production, and heavy transportation that can’t be practically electrified.
  • Minimize costs for energy consumers.
  • Provide consumers flexibility to make choices on their path to net zero.

Cover of Pathways to Net Zero Emissions for Ontario Report.

Study: Actions and recommendations for Ontario

Enbridge Gas engaged Guidehouse to explore two pathways to net zero. Findings reveal that, compared to an electrification pathway, a diversified pathway can achieve net zero with greater reliability, resiliency, affordability, consumer choice and competitiveness.

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Innovations to green Ontario's largest source of emissions


Transportation is the largest source of emissions in Ontario.** See how we’re driving cleaner fuels and low-emission technologies forward.

Clean energy solutions:

Renewable natural gas (RNG)

Carbon-neutral fuel for heavy transport and municipal fleets.
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Compressed natural gas (CNG)

A cleaner and lower-cost alternative to diesel fuel.
Why switch fleets


A zero carbon emission fuel source for heavy transportation.
See hydrogen’s potential


Heat for buildings is the second largest source of emissions in Ontario.** We’re greening buildings through innovative technologies and low-carbon fuels.

Clean energy solutions:

Energy conservation

Empowering customers to reduce energy use and emissions.
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Renewable natural gas (RNG)

Unlocking the potential of organic waste for more sustainable heating.
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Injected into the gas system, hydrogen provides a cleaner, greener energy.
How hydrogen is used

Geothermal heating

Innovative heating powered by the earth’s energy.
How geothermal works

Gas heat pumps (GHP)

Highly efficient for space heating, hot water and cooling.
Learn about gas heat pumps

Hybrid heating

Electricity and natural gas work together to heat homes efficiently and reliably.
About hybrid heating

Solar photovoltaic (PV)

Sustainable energy, directly from the sun.
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Wastewater energy transfer (WET)

Using wastewater to heat and cool buildings.
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Industrial processes

Industrial processes are the third largest source of emissions in Ontario.** We’re investing in hydrogen and exploring carbon capture and storage for processes that can’t be electrified.

Clean energy solutions:

Energy conservation

Incentives and expertise to help industry reduce energy use and emissions.
For industry

Renewable natural gas (RNG)

Blended into the gas system to power industrial processes sustainably.
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Injected into the gas system or used on its own, hydrogen provides a cleaner, greener energy.
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Carbon capture and storage (CCS)

A way to capture carbon emissions and store underground.
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Why be optimistic about a clean energy future?

Enbridge Gas team members share their perspectives on Ontario’s path to net zero.

Greening transportation

See the creative solutions reducing emissions from municipal transit and trucking.

Greening industry

Find out how energy innovations are working together to reduce emissions from manufacturing.

*Enbridge Gas is addressing net-zero emissions from energy.
**Canada Energy Regulator - Ontario’s 2019 emission sources.