We know you are looking for operational information to help you make business decisions. We have a number of resources available:

  • Operational Status & Notices Our "traffic light" provides a four-day outlook for each specific path on our transportation system. You will also find operational notices that share maintenance, construction activities or market conditions that are likely to alter scheduling nominations.
  • Operational Available Transport Capacity This chart provides the capacity, scheduled capacity and available capacity for each nomination window on every gas day.
  • T1/T2/T3 Storage Injection/Withdrawal Overrun Calendar - This report for T1/T2/T3 customers indicates if injections and withdrawals is authorized or unauthorized on a daily basis.
  • Storage Reporting Enbridge Gas offers three storage capacity and contract reports: Design Capacity Report, Semi-Annual Storage Report and the Storage Inventory Report.
  • Gas Day Summary Report The Gas Day Summary Report can be exported to Excel for both the current gas day and historical information.
  • Index of Customers A list of storage and transportation customers.
  • Contractual Reporting A list of negotiated contracts.
  • Standards of Conduct Enbridge Gas storage and transportation Standards of Conduct: Dispute Resolution, Access to Transportation Information and Priority of Service.
  • Email Notification Service Subscription Form If you would like to receive operations-related emails from Enbridge Gas, please complete an email notification service subscription form.

Our sales team can answer any questions, contact them below:

Paul Dhaen
Manager, S&T Sales
Email: paul.dhaen@enbridge.com

Daryl Zimmer
Specialist, S&T Sales
Email: daryl.zimmer@enbridge.com

Ginny Hawken
Senior Advisor, Strategic Accounts
Email: ginny.hawken@enbridge.com

Chris Mayo
Senior Advisor, S&T Sales
Email: chris.mayo@enbridge.com

Spencer Meloche
Advisor, Strategic Sales
Email: Spencer.Meloche@enbridge.com