Do you need a flexible and reliable transportation service that links diverse supply basins with premium markets?

Our bi-directional M12-X Transportation service allows you to transport gas between any two points on the Dawn-Parkway system on a firm basis. With six potential routes, this service provides flexibility to move gas east or west, to meet changing demands each season or by month/day.

This service allows you to deliver gas between your selected receipt and delivery points including peak summer and winter days. For customers with Marcellus-Utica gas production, this service provides access to the Dawn Hub, the largest fully integrated underground storage facility in Canada.

This service is available on the following paths:

  • Dawn – Kirkwall or Parkway
  • Kirkwall – Dawn or Parkway
  • Parkway – Kirkwall or Dawn (Facilities)
  • Parkway pipeline interconnects: Waddington (Iroquois), East Hereford (Portland Natural Gas Transmission System), the eastern (EDA) and central (CDA) delivery areas (TC Energy)
  • Kirkwall pipeline interconnects: Niagara (Tennessee and National Fuel) and Chippawa (Millennium and Empire) Use our transportation Toll Calculator tool for rates and fuel on all paths monthly/daily.

Use our transportation Toll Calculator tool for rates and fuel on all paths monthly/daily.

Services highlights

  • Firm service - on Timely North American Energy Standards Board (NAESB) nomination cycle
    • After the Timely cycle, increases to nominations are available on an interruptible basis.
    • Overrun rights (subject to our priority of service)
  • Assignable to third parties on a temporary or permanent basis. For more information, check out our standard transportation assignment agreement.
  • Renewable every year for a one-year period after the initial term has expired.

M12-X transportation service details

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Receipt and delivery points

  • Receipt points - all the following - Dawn Hub, Dawn (TC Energy), Dawn (Vector), Dawn (Tecumseh), Parkway, Kirkwall
  • Delivery points - one of the following – Dawn (Facilities), Parkway (TC Energy), Kirkwall (TC Energy)
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Pricing and fuel

  • Regulated rate service as per the M12 rate schedule 
    • Monthly demand charge
  • Regulated monthly fuel requirements as per M12 rate schedule found in schedule C.
  • Subject to a quarterly fuel adjustment
    • YCR process (reflects difference between fuel provided and actual fuel consumed on a customer specific basis).
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Service eligibility

  • Available with an Interruptible Hub contract.
  • Sold via open season.
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Contract and contract term

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