Planning today for a reliable energy future

Over the next 30 years, Ontario's population is expected to grow by nearly 5.3 million1. To keep up with energy demands, we’re planning now to ensure our natural gas system can meet long-term energy needs affordably and sustainably.

Through our regional Integrated Resource Planning (IRP) process, we forecast what energy demand will look like and determine whether a traditional pipe project or an alternative will meet the energy need, and then lay out a roadmap for how we’ll manage it. As part of this process, we’re gathering input and feedback from communities on what matters most.

What options will regional plans explore?

Regional Integrated Resource Planning explores energy needs and the associated costs and benefits of a pipe or an alternative solution such as:

Community engagement

We are gathering input from Indigenous groups and community stakeholders to help us understand what matters most. Stakeholders can include customers, intervenors, environmental groups, municipalities, government and other groups.

How the process works


Identifying needs

The first step is to identify the energy needs and the associated project.

Screening the need

Needs that require more urgent action may be excluded from the IRP. Additionally projects may also be screened out by specific criteria that has been approved by the Ontario Energy Board.

Two-stage evaluation

Project alternatives will be evaluated based on technical and economic feasibility. During this evaluation stage a decision to move forward with a traditional pipe project or an alternative will be made.

Periodic review

Changes, such as policies or timing, may impact the decisions made in the previous steps. Any changes will be reported annually.

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