Our Storage and Transportation team is here to discuss our services, answer your questions and help you to do business with us.

Jim Redford
Vice President, Energy Services
Email: jim.redford@enbridge.com

Andrea Seguin
Director, Storage & Transportation Sales
Email: andrea.seguin@enbridge.com

Jason Gillett
Director, Gas Supply
Email: jason.gillett@enbridge.com

Hilary Thompson
Director, Storage & Transportation Business Development
Email: hilary.thompson@enbridge.com

Clancy O'Hara
Director, Gas Control & Management
Email: clancy.ohara@enbridge.com

Paul Dhaen
Manager, S&T Sales
Email: paul.dhaen@enbridge.com

Jennifer Woodall
Specialist, S&T Sales
Email: jennifer.woodall@enbridge.com

Daryl Zimmer
Senior Advisor, S&T Sales
Email: daryl.zimmer@enbridge.com

Ginny Hawken
Senior Advisor, Strategic Accounts
Email: ginny.hawken@enbridge.com

Chris Mayo
Senior Advisor, S&T Sales
Email: chris.mayo@enbridge.com

Spencer Meloche
Advisor, Strategic Sales
Email: Spencer.Meloche@enbridge.com

Jeff Cadotte
Manager, Business Development
Email: jeff.cadotte@enbridge.com

Dale VanDerMeersch
Business Development
Email: dale.vandermeersch@enbridge.com

Matt Thomas
Business Development
Email: matt.thomas@enbridge.com

Nicole Brunner
Manager, Gas Supply
Email: Nicole.brunner@enbridge.com

Chad Cook
Senior Advisor, Gas Supply
Email: chad.cook@enbridge.com

Steve Dantzer
Supervisor, Gas Supply and Planning
Email: steve.dantzer@enbridge.com

Nominations Hotline
Email: ontuglgms@enbridge.com
(Nominations coverage until 11:00 p.m. EST)

Enerline Support Hotline
Email: enerline@enbridge.com

Contracting Hotline: 519-436-4509
Billing Hotline: 519-436-5315
E-mail: storage.transportation@enbridge.com

Attention: Associate General Counsel
Fax Legal Notices to 519-436-5218

Are you new to Enbridge Gas and unsure of who to contact? Contact us via email, we can help!

We are always looking to improve the ways we do business with you. Please feel free to leave us feedback!