A low-carbon program for large-volume customers

To support large-volume customers in lowering costs and emissions, Enbridge Gas is working to expand access to cleaner energy solutions.

We’ve applied to the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) to offer a new voluntary program that will make it easier to substitute a portion of your natural gas supply with carbon-neutral renewable natural gas (RNG), which is not subject to the federal carbon charge.

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Calculate the impact of RNG on your bill, and on the environment

If your annual consumption is 50,000 m3, and you elect to receive 25% of that amount as RNG, your incremental cost, including the reduction in your federal carbon charge, would be $5,611.25. Plus, you would be reducing your greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 24 tC02. That’s like taking five gas-powered vehicles off the road each year! Our calculator can help you identify the impact RNG can have on your bill, and on the environment.

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What is RNG?

Created by capturing methane emissions from organic waste, landfills and wastewater treatment plants, RNG provides a carbon-neutral energy source that also helps manage waste, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and fight climate change.

Carbon neutral

Diverts methane—one of the most harmful GHGs—that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere.

Diverts waste from landfill

As Ontario’s landfill capacity is expected to run out by 2032*, RNG offers an immediate solution.

Versatile, resilient and market-ready

A made-in-Ontario solution that’s more resilient and easier to adopt than other types of low-carbon energy sources.

Infographic detailing the cycle process of RNG; starting as organic waste being digested and upgraded, then added to the system as RNG for use heating homes and businesses
See how RNG is made and used.

How you’ll benefit

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Flexible and convenient
RNG requires no upgrades or changes to your existing infrastructure—it’s a customizable solution and a one-for-one replacement for conventional natural gas.


An easy way to reduce emissions
Replacing conventional natural gas with carbon-neutral RNG means lower GHG emissions, helping you meet your corporate sustainability goals.

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Lower federal carbon charges
By using RNG to lower GHG emissions, you can reduce your federal carbon charge.

How it works

If the program is approved by the OEB, large-volume Enbridge Gas customers will have the opportunity to choose a percentage of their annual natural gas supply provided as RNG. Prices vary based on how it’s produced and used.

Rate M4 natural gas price (April 2023)
See our rates handbook for details.
RNG price
$0.786/m3 – $1.572/m3
Approximate price range, based on a long-term contract.

RNG is not subject to the federal carbon charge. Reducing your federal carbon charge will help offset the price difference between RNG and conventional natural gas.

April 1, 2025 Federal Carbon Charge
April 1, 2030 Federal Carbon Charge

Calculate the impact on your bill, and the environment

Calculate costs and GHG avoided using RNG:

RNG rate: 0.786 ¢/m3

The table provides the calculated costs and GHG avoided using renewable natural gas (RNG)
RNG% Annual incremental cost Monthly incremental cost GHG avoided
This annual incremental costs include a reduction of Federal Carbon Charge1 of  

The calculated costs and avoided GHG are estimates and not guaranteed by Enbridge Gas. The accuracy of this calculation is dependent upon the accuracy of the variables entered into the calculator and the relevancy of the assumptions used in the calculation to your specific facility (see assumptions below for details).
Emissions factor: 1.921 kg of CO2/m3
Environment and Climate Change Canada. National Inventory Report 1990-2020: Greenhouse Gas Sources and Sinks in Canada, 2022, Part 2, Table A6.1-1
1 April 1, 2025 – March 31, 2026 Federal Carbon Charge - 0.1811/m3

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