Do you need access to short-term storage to capture market premiums, balance supply and/or manage pipeline commitments?

Our Off-Peak Storage Service provides storage access during Enbridge Gas' non-critical storage periods, traditionally between April and August. You will have the flexibility to inject and withdraw gas at your discretion to meet your short-term needs.

Services highlights

  • Negotiable firm/interruptible injection and withdrawal requirements.
  • Ability to cycle multiple times
  • No obligation to withdraw before end of contract term.

Off-peak service details

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Receipt and delivery points

  • Dawn Hub
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Pricing and fuel

  • Negotiated demand charge.
  • Fuel included in price.
  • Variable charge negotiable.
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Service eligibility

  • Available to all customers who hold an interruptible hub contract.
  • Credit may be required
    • Maximum credit requirement - full demand charge
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Contract and contract term

  • Contract term: Less than one year within summer storage season (April to August).
    • Specific months are negotiable; subject to asset availability.
  • Enhanced Storage Agreement
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Complementary services

Our sales team can help you determine the best services for your business

Paul Dhaen
Manager, S&T Sales

Daryl Zimmer
Specialist, S&T Sales

Ginny Hawken
Senior Advisor, Strategic Accounts

Chris Mayo
Senior Advisor, S&T Sales