What is Enerline?

Enerline is a secure, self-serve transaction and information tool that provides contract customers (large commercial and industrial, storage and transportation, and energy marketers) with the ability to conduct business with us online.

Any employee or agent of a company that holds a contract with us is able to request access to Enerline (subject to approval from an individual with authority to bind the company). Once approved, you'll have access to online nominations, transactions, and reports 24 x 7 through Enerline - anywhere with internet and/or mobile access.

Employees or agents of customers can manage direct purchase (DP), distribution and/or storage & transportation (S&T) contract data through various functions available in Enerline:

  • View contract details and approve new or renewed contracts (DP, Distribution, S&T contracts).
  • Create, view and approve transportation assignment transactions.
  • Request and accept balancing transactions.
  • View recent and historical balancing transactions.
  • Download consumption measurement data (DP, Distribution contracts).
  • Manage nominations.
  • View and download various reports (DP, T-Service, S&T contracts).
  • View and download current and historical invoices (DP, Distribution, S&T contracts).
  • Modify access rights of existing employees.

Enerline Agreement for Use

Register for Enerline access

Use Enbridge Gas’ multipurpose form to request individual Enerline access or establish agent relationships. The form allows you to select the scope of access to be granted as well as modify and/or terminate existing access. To ensure you get the access you need, review our access rights for the information and functions associated with each. Note: Access requests must be approved by an individual with authority to bind the company.

Enerline Access Request Options:

  1. Individual Enerline Access Request
    Both contract holder and agent company employees can request individual access through this option. A username and password will be emailed directly to each new user after access has been set up by Enbridge Gas.
  2. Agent Access Authorization
    Contract holder companies can provide approval for an agent company to access their contract information and transact on their behalf in Enerline. Note: The approval granted through this option serves to allow the release of contract holder information to the agent identified in the request and does not provide individual agent employees with a username and password to access Enerline.

Take advantage of automation with our Enerline Direct Connect web service

Enerline Direct Connect is a free web service available to both contract holders and Enerline agent companies interested in an automatic pull of distribution consumption measurement. This data would be pulled to a customer’s computer application on an unattended basis.

If you are an agent, consolidate all of your customers consumption data all at once - it takes the hassle out of waiting to manually pull data for each of your customers.

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