The Hub Service contract is the key to unlocking Dawn Storage and Transportation services. It is a base, standard contract required to utilize the storage and transport services available at the Dawn Hub. With a Hub Service contract, you can buy and sell gas at the Dawn Hub, nominate name changes (title transfers), transportation, exchanges and hub balancing (park and loan). There is no cost to initiate and you only pay for the services you use.

Service highlights:

  • All services are interruptible.
  • Nominate on North American Energy Services Board (NAESB) windows and flow service.
  • No sales contact required to execute the service.
  • Interruptible park and loan service – park 120,000 GJ and a loan balance 70,000 GJ (subject to credit).
  • Interruptible transportation service – transport between any two points on the Enbridge Gas System.
  • Interruptible exchange service – Receive/deliver gas on an off system point on another pipeline and deliver/receive an equal amount on Enbridge Gas system points.

Hub service details

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Receipt and delivery points

  • Enbridge Gas system – Dawn, Kirkwall, Parkway, Union St. Clair (Michcon), Ojibway, Bluewater
  • Off system points (exchange services) on TC Energy, Panhandle, Vector

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Pricing and fuel

  • Variable charge (pay as you utilize) - no demand charge.
  • Pricing is posted monthly on our website - $CAD/GJ or $CAD/MMBtu.
  • No fuel charges.
  • Effective prices found on the hub pricing schedule.

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Service eligibility

  • Available to all customers
  • Proof of legal name and credit set up required

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Complementary services

Our sales team can help you determine the best services for your business

Paul Dhaen
Manager, S&T Sales
Phone: 519-436-4646

Jennifer Woodall
Specialist, S&T Sales
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Daryl Zimmer
S&T Account Representative
Phone: 519-436-5420

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Power & Utilities Account Representative
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