Control costs with flexible rates & contracts

Combined with our competitive rates, our energy savings programs and one-on-one account manager support will help you to optimize your natural gas consumption and reduce your total energy costs. Enbridge Gas has a robust portfolio of energy services and solutions to help businesses meet their energy needs, manage costs in the face of rising fuel prices, and stay efficient.

Determine the rates & contracts that apply to your business's location

Your natural gas rates are determined by the location of your business and are approved by the Ontario Energy Board. Enter the business address postal code below to view rate information for your area.

Not sure about your postal code? Use the map to the right to determine your rate zone: Union North West and East, Union South and EGD rate zones.

Know your rate? Find it using our drop-down menu:

As part of the federal government’s carbon pricing program, a carbon charge applies to fossil fuels sold in Ontario. The federal carbon charge is included on customers’ bills, with the exception of customer facilities that have an exemption certificate issued by the federal government. Large volume customers may be required or eligible to register with the federal government in order to receive full or partial exemption from the federal carbon charge.

Learn more about the federal carbon charge

Convenient invoicing and payment options

We are pleased to offer contract rate customers and energy marketers several convenient and easy-to-use invoice and payment options. Contract customers are businesses that purchase large volumes of natural gas from Enbridge Gas through a contract that is coordinated with an account manager. If you haven't negotiated a contract (e.g., you are a non-contract business), you can view your billing and payment options on our My Account portal.

We can help you find the right service for your needs

We have a sales team made up of dedicated, industry experts who can determine the best rates and services to meet your business needs. Building trusting, lasting relationships with our clients is a top priority.