We exist to help fuel the quality of life in our communities...

It’s about more than just the energy we deliver; it’s the energy we put in. Through Enbridge Fueling Futures, we’re listening — and acting — in communities across our service area.

We’re energizing communities through the volunteerism and generosity of our employees, and through strategic donations and sponsorships that strengthen safety, vibrancy and sustainability.

Our best community ambassadors are our employees, many of whom you'll know as active members of local chambers of commerce, service clubs and advisory groups. We encourage our employees to participate actively in their communities. Enbridge Fueling Futures supports them to make an even bigger impact for the causes they care about.

Our focus

Like every organization, we receive requests for support from many meaningful charitable and non-profit organizations. To make the largest impact possible in our communities, our decisions are guided by a focused giving program.

We direct our funding to communities that fall within our service area, which extends throughout northern Ontario from the Manitoba border through southwestern Ontario from Windsor across eastern Ontario to Ottawa, including the Niagara and Greater Toronto Areas.

Our funding is directed toward organizations and programs that focus on community vitality, safety and sustainability. We also look for ways to support Indigenous communities, with the aim of building long-term, productive relationships based on mutual respect and economic opportunity.

To learn more about the ways we are active in your community, the various programs we support across Ontario, and how to apply for support for your project or organization, visit our giving guidelines page. Working together, we know we can make life in our great communities even better.

It’s more than just the energy we deliver. It’s the energy we put in.