Recent innovations in pre-treatment chemistry have provided low- temperature chemicals that can greatly reduce, and in some applications even eliminate the need for heating. Low temperature chemicals help provide significant energy savings if your finish performance requirements are a match for their application.

Low Temperature Chemical Wash Calculator 1

Use this calculator to get a general idea of the energy and cost savings associated with implementing a low temperature chemical wash in your facility.2

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The maximum potential savings by switching to a low temperature chemical, which eliminates the need for a natural gas burner is:

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1. The calculated estimated savings are estimates only and not guaranteed by Enbridge Gas. The accuracy of this calculation is dependent upon the accuracy of the variables entered into the calculator and the relevancy of the assumptions used in the calculation to your specific facility (see assumptions below for details). For a more accurate savings estimate contact an Enbridge Gas Energy Solutions Consultant.

2. Assumptions: Natural gas costs are estimated at $0.30/m3. The average nozzle spacing is 12 inches and each loop is 12 inches apart. This is valid for wash temperatures below 160 degrees Fahrenheit. The tube burner efficiency is 80%.

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