Manage your monthly bill and pay the same amount every month.

Many households spend the most amount of money on natural gas during the three coldest months of the year. In the summer, they spend the least. The Equal Monthly Payment Plan (EMPP) divides your expected yearly natural gas costs into monthly payments to minimize bills that fluctuate with the seasons, making it easier on your budget.

We combine your gas use history, expected gas rates and weather reports to estimate your yearly gas use. We then divide your estimated yearly gas use into 12 installment payments. Your bill, every month, is your installment payment as well as any charges from other companies, or Other Enbridge Charges, if applicable.

Once in a while, we review your plan and take into account any changes in the market cost of natural gas and your gas use, to ensure you’re on track, and will adjust your installment amount if needed. Throughout the year your monthly installment payments are applied against your actual gas costs. At the end of your plan, the EMPP balance should be nearing $0. While we do our best to ensure that your gas charges and EMPP installment match closely, any cost difference that exceeds the average monthly billing will roll over the balance due to the following year’s equal monthly payment plan.

*Illustrative of a plan that starts in September and trues up in August.
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