The more you know, the better you can save

Learn about the information presented on your monthly natural gas bill, including details about billing/payment options and programs to help you save time, energy and money.

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A closer look

See what you owe, and when

If you are experiencing hardship and are unable to make a payment, we have many payment arrangement options available.

Get a snapshot of your charges

This easy-to-read table (on the left) gives you a clear breakdown of where your money goes.

Charges From Other Companies

Enbridge Gas provides a billing service to other companies that offer energy-related products and services. These companies are not owned by or affiliated with Enbridge Gas. If you decide to buy a product or service from a participating company, the charges will appear on the section of your bill called "Charges From Other Companies." Enbridge Gas does not recommend, endorse or guarantee the products or services offered by such companies.

Know what you're spending

See exactly how much the energy you used costs this month, and per day.

Track your energy usage

Quickly scan your usage over the last 13 months, making it easy to spot any unusual patterns.

Meter reading made easy

Every other month, we visit to read your natural gas meter. (On months we don’t visit your property, you can submit your meter reading online. This helps us ensure that your bills are accurate and that your meter is working safely.) Please ensure pets are not blocking access to your gas meter. If you have an indoor meter or meter behind a locked gate, we will require access. You can provide us with a key, which will be held securely.

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