If you are or represent a new or growing large energy intensive business that is looking to expand in Ontario, please reach out early in your planning process to our economic development group.

Effectively leveraging energy infrastructure is a key success factor for expanding energy intensive businesses anywhere. Enbridge Gas serves most of the province with an extensive natural gas pipeline system.

Our economic development group works with three main stakeholder groups to help large businesses expand in Ontario:

  1. New or existing energy intensive large businesses looking to expand to a new site.
  2. Site selectors and consultants that help large businesses review and rank sites.
  3. Municipal and provincial economic development groups.

Enbridge Gas’s economic development team can provide the following services:

  1. In our preliminary assessments, we work with clients to understand their energy needs and identify areas of the province able to economically accommodate those needs at a high level.
  2. We conduct detailed site assessments on leading sites to understand the timelines and explore commercial arrangements to connecting incremental capacity.
  3. We work with local economic development groups and provincial government programs to propose and advance broader, more regional projects to create natural gas capacity in constrained areas to facilitate growth.
  4. We facilitate natural gas credentials for Ontario’s Certified Site program.

Our success record

Enbridge Gas’ Economic Development group has a track record of delivering results and helping businesses to navigate the often choppy waters and obstacles to expand. We specialize in helping proponents of large projects, often facing political challenges, navigate the processes needed to get critical natural gas infrastructure ready to meet your deadlines.

Chatham-Kent Rural Pipeline Expansion Project

Several large greenhouse businesses were hoping to expand, but the economics for doing so on their own were not favourable. Enbridge Gas’s economic development group was able to conduct an Expression of Interest process, to solicit and aggregate all demands, resulting in economies of scale. We then leveraged a new Ontario natural gas grant program to make the project a success. The project was approved by the Ontario Energy Board in the summer of 2019 and went into service later that year. The Chatham-Kent region now has capacity to add over 350 incremental acres of modern greenhouse (or equivalent), driving local investment, jobs and municipal tax base.

Sarnia Regional Expansion Project

NOVA Chemicals announced a new large expansion in the Sarnia area and Enbridge Gas worked to propose a new pipeline project to serve their growth needs and the project was approved by the Ontario Energy Board in March of 2020 and is planned to be in-service in November of 2021. The project was sized to facilitate NOVA’s needs and future large volume economic development growth in the Sarnia region.

Economic development projects currently underway:

The Ontario government’s Natural Gas Expansion Program (NGEP) mandates that all gas utility customers, under the oversight of the Ontario Energy Board, contribute $1/month to a fund that helps expand the natural gas grid to parts of the province where it would otherwise be uneconomical to do so. Enbridge Gas has worked with several local municipalities and existing large volume customers, in areas where natural gas capacity is currently economically constrained, to propose NGEP funding for four economic development projects. Proposals for Phase 2 of the NGEP significantly exceeded the program’s funding. The Ontario government expects to announce the funding in late 2020 or early 2021. Details on the four economic development proposals can be found here:

Other Expressions of Interest / Binding Reverse Open Seasons

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