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We value the relationships that we have formed with each of our energy marketers. These alliances and partnerships help each of us to strengthen our customer service capabilities now and into the future.

Here you will find dedicated resources designed to streamline operations and answer any questions that you and your team may have. We look forward to our continued relationship and to providing the ongoing support you need to reach your business goals.

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Rates, contracts & policies

To review the current rates, contracts and policies offered to energy marketers on behalf of Enbridge Gas, click on the drop down below. We have standardized contracts for all in-franchise customers, no matter the rate class. This ensures that contracts are both easier to read and understand as well we offer our policies that outlines our policies for regulated services – as new policies are developed they will be posted to the website.


Services offered

Are you serving aggregated customer loads?

Simple invoicing for general service customers

Agency Billing & Collection (ABC) is an administrative service that includes bill production, invoicing, payment collection, bad debt protection and arrears management.

After Enbridge Gas has delivered the contracted gas to your customer, we send each customer one invoice for all distribution services, upstream transportation and the commodity. The commodity, and any applicable upstream transportation, is priced according to the Agency Agreement between you and your general service customer.

Enbridge Gas will remit the Agency Agreement price when the gas is received by Enbridge Gas at the contracted delivery point. Enbridge Gas will collect payment from end-use customers through our regular monthly billing. Any variances or discrepancies in either remittance or billings are settled at the end of the contract year.

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Balancing services are available for this service. For more information, visit our Balancing services page.

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We have a team made up of dedicated, industry experts who can determine the best rates and services that meets your business needs. Building trusting, lasting relationships with our clients is top priority.