As we continue to integrate customer information systems, Enbridge Gas offers two secure web-based transaction and customer information tools for customers who contract for distribution, direct purchase and storage & transportation services.

If you are a former Union Gas large commercial and industrial customer, energy marketer or a storage & transportation contract customer, please log in to Enerline. If you are a former Enbridge Gas Distribution large volume distribution contract (LVDC) customer and/or master service agreement (MSA) party, please log in to EnTRAC.

If you are unsure of the application applicable to you, please contact your account manager.

What is Enerline?

Enerline is a self-serve information and transaction online tool for former Union Gas customers and their authorized agents to:

  • View contract details and approve new or renewed contracts (DP, Distribution, S&T contracts).
  • Create, view and approve transportation assignment transactions.
  • Request and accept balancing transactions.
  • View recent and historical balancing transactions.
  • Download consumption measurement data (DP, Distribution contracts).
  • Manage nominations.
  • View and download various reports (DP, T-Service, S&T contracts).
  • View and download current and historical invoices (DP, Distribution, S&T contracts).
  • Modify access rights of existing employees.

If you have questions regarding Enerline, please contact Enerline Support to learn more about Enerline.

What is EnTRAC?

EnTRAC is a self-service automated processing system for former Enbridge Gas Distribution customers and their authorized agents to manage:

  • Large Volume Distribution Contracts for Bundled Rates
  • Gas Delivery Agreements (also referred to as Direct Purchase Agreements) and applicable Billing Services
  • OEB Gas Distribution Access Rule Service Agreements and applicable Billing Services

If you have any questions regarding EnTRAC, please contact and they will respond back to your inquiry.