Unbundled transportation service offers customers the flexibility to match daily supply to consumption. Customers are required to have automatic meter reading and are responsible for managing differences between their daily natural gas nominations and consumption.

Under unbundled transportation service, customers purchase and transport their natural gas supply, including the percentage of forecasted unaccounted for gas (if applicable), to their delivery zone in Ontario, CDA or EDA. Enbridge Gas then distributes the natural gas supply to the customer’s end-use location(s).

Deliveries to Enbridge Gas

Customers will deliver their natural gas supply to Enbridge Gas to their contractual receipt point(s) in their delivery area, as outlined in the customer’s Schedule A. Customers must nominate the natural gas supply daily on the days they require their natural gas supply.

Cumulative imbalance account

A cumulative imbalance account is provided to customers to account for the daily imbalances that occur when nominated natural gas supply plus storage service (if applicable) does not match their actual plant consumption.

A tolerance band is used to capture and accumulate each day’s variance between actual nominated natural gas supply plus storage service (if applicable) and actual plant consumption. The difference between the two is automatically allocated by Enbridge Gas to the customer’s cumulative imbalance account.

Any daily imbalances that exceed the maximum contractual imbalance will be deemed either unauthorized supply overrun gas or unauthorized supply underrun gas.

In addition to the cumulative imbalance account, an unbundled customer can contract for cost-based storage.

Contracted storage service

Customers who contract for Rate 125 or Rate 300 distribution services can contract for a companion storage service, Rate 315 or Rate 316. Customers that contract for storage service can choose the storage space allocation methodology that best suits their needs. The storage account must maintain a positive storage balance and the daily injections and withdrawals activity must be nominated every day.

For more information about the services available to you, contact your account manager or email us at enbridgegaslv@enbridge.com.

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