Customers can contract for unbundled distribution services provided they meet all the eligibility requirements of the EGD delivery zone contract rate class. The size of your operation or volume of use will determine the rate class you will qualify for.

Customers with contract rate service have specific parameters for daily, hourly and annual (if applicable) natural gas use, as well as for the minimum guaranteed pressure of the natural gas delivered during the term of the contract.

Unbundled customers have the flexibility to contract for the services they need. Customers are required to take the responsibility for their natural gas purchases and the daily management between natural gas deliveries to Enbridge Gas and the natural gas consumption at their facility. The service you choose will determine the type of contract(s) you will sign with Enbridge Gas.

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There are two rate classes available to unbundled customers:

Large Volume Rate Class Rate 125 Rate 300
Service Type Extra-large firm distribution service Firm or interruptible distribution service
Minimum load factor

Monthly customer charge

Monthly contract demand charge
(applicable to firm service)
Delivery charge
(applicable to interruptible service)
Direct purchase administration charge

Unaccounted for gas 0.9% (applicable to non-dedicated service only) 0.9%
Daily balancing fee

Cumulative imbalance charge

Authorized/Unauthorized demand overrun charge

Unauthorized supply overrun/underrun charge

Minimum annual volume requirement

Contract demand (CD) requirement Greater than 600,000 m3/day Up to 600,000 m3/day
Monthly minimum bill

Seasonal/Curtailment credit

Notice of curtailment or discontinuance of service
4 hours under normal circumstances. 1 hour under emergency conditions.
Notice of operational flow order 24 hours 24 hours

Details Details

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