North BT customers deliver their daily obligated natural gas supply (DCQ) to a receipt point identified by Enbridge Gas (Empress for Northwest zone or Dawn for Northeast zone). Enbridge Gas transports the natural gas to the delivery area and distributes it to the end-use location(s).

A Banked Gas Account (BGA) is provided to capture the difference between the daily natural gas supply the customer delivers to Enbridge Gas and natural gas supply consumed at the end-use location(s).

North BT customers should be targeting a zero balance by the end of the contract term. When the BGA balance is projected to be positive, the DCQ will be adjusted or “ratcheted” during the contract term. Enbridge Gas will start to ratchet the customers’ DCQ around the fifth month to achieve a zero balance in the BGA by the end of the contract term. When the BGA balance is projected to be negative, the customer can choose to supply incremental gas to bring the balance to zero. If no incremental supply is provided, the contract will be balanced financially by Enbridge Gas.

At the end of the contract term any remaining balance in the BGA will be settled financially. If the BGA balance at the end of the contract term is positive, Enbridge Gas will purchase the excess from the customer; and if the BGA balance is negative, Enbridge Gas will sell this balance to the customer. The deemed sale or purchase of gas will be at the Alberta Border Reference Price (if customer is in the Union Northwest zone) or the Dawn Reference Price (if customer is in the Union Northeast zone) in the month of expiry.

Balancing services are available to help the customer to bring their BGA balance to zero at the end of the contract term.

Balancing services are available for this service. For more information, visit our Balancing services page.

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