These are semi-unbundled storage and transportation rates. Customers are required to have telemetry and site-specific energy measuring equipment. Customers take responsibility for proactively managing daily and cumulative differences between their natural gas supply and consumption using a contracted storage and/or balancing account.

Deliveries to Enbridge Gas

The customer is responsible for delivering gas to Enbridge Gas to their contractual receipt point(s), as outlined in the customer’s Schedule 1.

Transportation on Enbridge Gas

Under these rates, natural gas distribution, transportation and storage services seamlessly balance a customer’s daily natural gas supply with end-use facility consumption.

The customer doesn’t need to nominate gas for consumption and the daily balancing between deliveries to Enbridge Gas and a customer’s consumption. The difference between the two is automatically allocated by Enbridge Gas to the customer’s storage account.

Storage: (space and injection/withdrawal)

Under these rates, a customer can contract for cost-based storage with Enbridge Gas or choose not to have storage.

The maximum amount of storage space and deliverability available at cost-based rates from Enbridge Gas, is determined using the south storage allocation policy. Customers can choose to take less storage space and deliverability than is determined using the south storage allocation policy.

A customer can contract in the market for additional storage services or can request market-based supplemental services from Enbridge Gas.

Other available services

Enbridge Gas provides additional operating flexibility for customers at Dawn through a suite of transactional services and ex-franchise HUB services.

Fuel manager

Enbridge Gas will permit multiple consumption points, not under common ownership, on a single contract, provided the deliveries are managed by a common “fuel manager”. Customers must qualify for the service as per the applicable rate schedule.

The fuel manager will be responsible for providing the necessary required credit to Enbridge Gas to cover the prudential requirements of all the consumption points and accepts joint and several liabilities for obligations at each consumption point.

  • T1, T2 Contract (Contract cover - includes signatory page)
  • T1, T2 Contract Parameters (Schedule 1 provides specific details, i.e. daily usage, that were agreed to between Enbridge Gas and the customer)
  • T1, T2 Supplemental Service parameters (Schedule 1a provides the means to contract for market-priced storage and/or deliverability)
  • T1 or T2 Specific Terms and Conditions (Schedule 2 provides the terms and conditions specific to the service)
  • General Terms and Conditions (Generic working rules for all in-franchise contracts and are the terms that are common to all North and South in-franchise services).

Balancing services are available for this service. For more information, visit our Balancing services page.

Learn more

  • Authorization of Interruptible Direct Purchase (DP) Balancing Transactions
    To define the evaluation criteria Enbridge Gas applies when a customer requests authorization for a direct purchase balancing transaction.
  • Obligated Daily Contract Quantity (DCQ) Enbridge Gas’ Union South Rate Zone
    This policy will ensure consistent and fair treatment of changes to a customer's obligated Daily Contract Quantity (DCQ) for Enbridge Gas’ Union South rate zone.
  • Priority of Service
    This policy provides information regarding the processing of interruptions or scheduling reductions, to interruptible services, when requested services exceed available capacity under normal operating conditions.
  • Service Switching
    This policy ensures equitable treatment of customer requests to move between any four services: Sales Service, Bundled-T, Transportation Service or Unbundled Service.
  • TCPL Turnback
    The purpose of this policy is to provide an overview of how Enbridge Gas will facilitate T-service customer requests to turnback temporarily assigned TransCanada Pipelines (TCPL) capacity as part of their Direct Purchase contract.
  • Temporarily Changing Existing Customer Obligated Points of Receipt
    This policy applies to all existing Bundled-T and T-Service direct purchase customers in Enbridge Gas’ Union South rate zone.
  • South Storage Allocation Policy
    This policy provides information on the cost-based storage space and deliverability available to customers in Enbridge Gas’ Union South rate zone.