Heat rises. Destratification fans are designed to redistribute the heated air from the unoccupied ceiling space back to the floor level. The use of destratification fans can therefore, reduce excess strain on your heating system, lower your energy consumption and associated costs and improve employee comfort levels within your facility.

Destratification Fans Calculator:1

Use this calculator to get a general idea of the energy and cost savings associated with installing a destratification fan in your plant.2

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1. The calculated estimated savings are estimates only and not guaranteed by Enbridge Gas. The accuracy of this calculation is dependent upon the accuracy of the variables entered into the calculator and the relevancy of the assumptions used in the calculation to your specific facility (see assumptions below for details). For a more accurate savings estimate contact an Enbridge Gas Energy Solutions Consultant.

2. Assumptions: Typical indoor air temperature, building is located in the GTA, typical heating system efficiency, typical building insulation values and natural gas costs are estimated at $0.30/m3.

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