Expert help, incentives and free upgrades to save energy and money

As an affordable housing provider, energy efficiency is one of the best long-term investments you can make. We offer programs and incentives to help optimize your buildings’ performance and improve overall comfort for your residents.

This program is for social and municipal housing providers, shelters, co-ops and eligible market-rate multi-family buildings. Eligible market-rate multi-family buildings will need to demonstrate either at least 30 percent of units are rented at less than 80 percent of the median market rent, determined by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation, based on the information gathered during rent roll review by Enbridge Gas, or the building has participated in a federal, provincial, or municipal affordable housing funding program in the last 5 years.

Saving energy can help you:

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    Improve comfort for residents.

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    Reduce operating and maintenance costs.

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    Free up budget for other priorities.

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    Meet emissions reduction targets and sustainability goals.

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    Lower your energy bills.

Why work with us?

With expertise and technical support throughout the process, our Energy Solutions Advisors will:

Identify and assist with energy-saving projects across your buildings.

Provide technical support for energy-efficient equipment and processes.

Calculate estimated savings to help build your business case.

Apply for up to $200,000 in incentives to implement the recommended energy-efficient upgrades.

Where are your top opportunities hiding?

Energy-efficient building upgrades

With our Affordable Multi-Family Housing program, get up to $200,000 in incentives and free in-suite upgrades to make buildings more efficient.


Choose high-efficiency or condensing boilers to lower costs, reduce tenant complaints and improve reliability through cold winter months.

Condensing make-up air units

For commercial kitchens that require greater ventilation requirements, condensing MUAs improve comfort and air quality for less.


Energy and heat recovery ventilators can reduce heating and cooling costs by efficiently circulating fresh, outdoor air indoors.

Free in-suite upgrades

Get free heat reflector panels and showerheads installed free of charge through our Affordable Housing Multi-Residential program.

“In addition to reducing operating costs, our new equipment purchases have also allowed us to reduce our carbon footprint, and reducing our carbon footprint is helping the county meet its long-term energy reduction targets.”

Brad Spiewak
Maintenance Project Manager, County of Simcoe

Expert help and financial incentives to build sustainably

Our Savings by Design Affordable Housing program offers design expertise, energy modelling and financial incentives for building better than the Ontario Building Code.

Free upgrades for tenants

If your social housing tenants are income-eligible, their units may qualify for free insulation, draft proofing and a smart thermostat.

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Connect with an Energy Solutions Advisor

We’ll help you find ongoing savings and get your project underway.

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