Build energy-efficient homes and buildings with expert help and incentives

Energy-efficient design and construction creates higher-quality homes and buildings that are more comfortable and use less energy. We can help at the early stages of design, with programs that offer expertise and incentives to build high-performance buildings that require less energy to operate.

Why build sustainably?

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    Stay ahead of changing building codes.

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    Minimize environmental impact.

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    Lower energy and operating costs.

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    Increase marketability.

Why work with us?

Get access to experts who will work with you to:

Understand your business needs and set energy-efficiency goals.

Develop an energy model of your preliminary design.

Workshop design options with sustainability experts.

Calculate estimated savings to help build your business case.

Get financial incentives for implementing energy-efficiency recommendations.

Where are your top opportunities hiding?

Savings by Design Residential

Build new homes to a higher standard, with free design expertise and financial incentives.

Savings by Design Affordable Housing

Get help to design and build affordable housing that saves energy and costs less to operate over the long term.

Savings by Design Commercial & Multi-residential

For projects greater than 50,000 sq. ft., get free access to sustainable design expertise and financial incentives.

Affordable Housing New Construction

For affordable housing buildings, choose energy-efficient technology and get fixed incentives for every unit you install.

Success stories

Twelve Stone Homes’ Mount Albert Village achieves 25% energy savings

This home builder participated in the Savings by Design Residential program to maximize the energy and environmental performance of their homes as part of their commitment to sustainability.

“Our energy-efficient homes make sense to the consumer who is looking to save money and help reduce the strain on the environment.”

Glen W. Meyer
President, Twelve Stone Homes

Koornneef Produce plants the seeds for ongoing savings

Since participating in the Savings by Design Commercial and Multi-Residential program, a new 60,000-square-foot facility designed with energy performance saves the family-owned business $86,812 a year.

“We’re focused on tomorrow. We wanted to consider factors outside of our control, like rising electricity prices. The Savings by Design Commercial & Multi-Residential program helped us design and build for that.”

Brad Koornneef
Warehouse Manager, Koornneef Product, Ltd.

Youth Services Bureau designs life-changing homes for youth

High-risk, vulnerable youth now have an innovative new four-storey apartment building that is more energy-efficient and comfortable.

“We had a great experience working with the experts from Enbridge Gas and would recommend the Savings by Design Affordable Housing program to anyone looking to improve the energy efficiency of their affordable housing project.”

Wes Richardson
Director of Finance

Connect with an Energy Solutions Advisor

Venoth Jeganmohan

Energy Solutions Advisor, Savings by Design, Commercial & Multi-Residential

Michelle Vestergaard

Energy Solutions Advisor, Savings by Design Residential

Alex Colvin

Energy Solutions Advisor, Savings by Design, Affordable Housing