Reduce operating costs across your facility

As the business landscape grows more competitive, every dollar saved can have a big impact on your bottom line. Let our team of Energy Solutions Advisors help you develop a long-term strategy to improve your energy efficiency, with expert advice and incentives.

Saving energy can help you:

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    Stay competitive and successful.

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    Achieve ongoing energy savings.

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    Meet emissions reduction targets and sustainability goals.

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    Reduce your marginal cost of production.

Why work with us?

We’ll work with you year-round to find ongoing energy savings, with our continuous improvement approach.

Learn: Get the information you need to make decisions.

Identify: Get help to uncover your best opportunities to save.

Measure: Quantify your energy usage to justify energy-saving projects.

Analyze: Interpret your data in order to calculate your savings.

Execute: Get projects underway and improve your bottom line.

How we helped Magna drive down energy costs

To reduce waste across its facility, Motor Specialty Manufacturing Ltd., a division of Magna, implemented heat recovery and installed equipment controls.

  • 486,000 m3 natural gas saved/year.
  • $121,500 saved on natural gas/year.
  • $106,705 in incentives received.

“Enbridge Gas provided the information needed to quantify the potential savings for us, and gave us confidence to move forward with the projects. We are now saving six digits annually on energy costs, significantly reducing our carbon emissions and improving the comfort on our plant floor.”

Barry Staddon
Assistant General Manager, Motor Specialty Manufacturing Ltd., a division of Magna

Where are your top opportunities hiding?

Custom Engineering Projects

We pay up to 50 percent of costs for energy-efficiency projects that deliver savings.

Studies & assessments

Understand how your facility uses energy and identify areas for improvement.

Steam & hot water systems

Find savings by improving system performance and achieving better efficiency.

Heat recovery

Put wasted heat generated from equipment to work.

Building ventilation & heating

Reduce heating costs in industrial facilities, with incentives to optimize and upgrade.

Workshop: How to build a better business case

Cost savings alone don’t always justify an energy-efficiency project. Learn how to layer in non-energy benefits to get your project approved.

Connect with an Energy Solutions Advisor

We’ll help you find ongoing savings and get your project underway.

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