Up to $200,000* in incentives for energy efficiency

The key to energy efficiency is understanding that there are always more opportunities to save. 

As an Enbridge Gas industrial customer, you have access to complimentary expertise and financial incentives to help identify and implement energy efficiency measures. We can help protect your facility against rising prices, with long-term strategies to drive down operating costs and reduce emissions.

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Our Energy Solutions Advisors will work with you to:

Identify and prioritize energy projects and set goals to save.

Provide technical support on new technologies and processes.

Calculate savings estimates on all energy sources to support your business case.

Secure incentives to offset your incremental costs and speed up payback.

Top industrial energy-saving opportunities

Heat recovery

  • Preheating of supply streams
  • Process exhaust heat recovery
  • Air compressor exhaust heat recovery

Steam systems

  • Boiler stack economizer
  • Condensate return
  • Blowdown heat recovery
  • Steam trap replacements
  • Optimize steam use of process equipment

Air balancing

  • Optimize exhaust and building air make-up requirements to match needs


  • Hot fluid piping and surfaces
  • Building envelope (wall or ceiling)

Productivity enhancements

  • Key performance indicator (KPI) improvement
  • Process equipment optimization

How Maple Leaf Foods uncovered and acted on energy savings

After a plant-wide energy audit uncovered a strategy to reuse heat generated from an ammonia refrigeration system, Maple Leaf Foods worked with Enbridge Gas to assess the project’s feasibility. See how it reduced the plant’s natural gas intensity by 20 percent.

Project highlights

  • $104,000 Enbridge Gas incentive
  • 850,000 m3 natural gas saved annually
  • $160,000 saved annually
  • 1,500 tonnes of CO2e eliminated
“Our relationship with Enbridge Gas was and remains instrumental to our projects. Incentives and guidance are available, even if you don’t know where to start.” Behzad Hosseinpour Manager of Energy and Sustainability, Maple Leaf Foods

Get up to $200,000 in incentives per project

To qualify for incentives, all projects, including assessments, must be pre-approved by Enbridge Gas before they are started.

Incentives for energy assessments and meters

Up to 50 percent of costs.

Incentives for energy efficiency projects

$0.20/m3 for the first 50,000 m3 saved.
$0.10/m3 for each m3 beyond 50,000 m3 saved.

Connect with an Energy Solutions Advisor

We’ll help you find ongoing savings and get your project underway.

* HST is not applicable and will not be added to incentive payments. Terms and conditions apply. Incentives are based on the estimated annual natural gas savings associated with a project. Standard incentives are not to exceed 50 percent of the incremental project cost. Bonus incentives are not to exceed 75 percent of the incremental project cost. Incentives are only made available to customers where Enbridge Gas energy efficiency offer(s) have impacted the customer’s decision to proceed with the improvement(s). Programs are subject to change or cancellation without notice at any time.

† Book a qualifying project with an Energy Solutions Advisor and have it installed and commissioned by Nov. 15, 2023.