Improve process heating system performance to save

In manufacturing, where raw materials are processed, process heating can account for as much as 15 percent* of total production costs. While most improvements focus on productivity and output, process heating is often overlooked as an opportunity to reduce energy costs.

Our Energy Solutions Advisors can help you discover how incremental changes can generate energy savings—without risk to your core production.

Why improve energy efficiency?

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    Repurpose the heat you’re already paying for.

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    Improve process heating efficiency.

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    Improve process heating efficiency.

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    Reduce energy, maintenance and operating costs.

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    Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Which buildings can benefit?

Manufacturing facilities
Institutional buildings

What you need to know about process heating

Process heating uses thermal energy to transform raw materials into everyday products and materials, such as cement, steel, cosmetics, electronics and more. While you may associate process heating with ovens and furnaces, it can also relate to process air and water heating.

Improving process heating efficiency is not a one-size-fits-all solution. We’ll work with you to understand your product quality requirements and identify the energy drivers that contribute to production. Process heating improvements involve more efficient ways to:

  • Generate and supply heat.
  • Distribute heat from the original source to the product.
  • Recover waste heat.
  • Contain heat (e.g., using kilns or industrial ovens).

Typically, we follow a three-phased approach to guide you through the journey:

  1. Reduce losses
    We look for ways to minimize waste heat.
  2. Recover heat
    We identify how to capture waste heat that can’t be avoided.
  3. Replace existing equipment
    We may recommend adding new, more energy-efficient equipment.

Webinar: Industrial Process Heating Efficiency

Join Enbridge Gas’ Damir Naden, Supervisor, Large Industrial and Institutional, as he explains the fundamental principles of process heating and practical guidelines to uncover and implement improvements.

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Incentives for process heating

Our Energy Solutions Advisors can help you identify projects and take advantage of incentives through the following programs:

Industrial Custom Engineering Program

Get up to 50 percent of incremental project costs for steam system upgrades, up to $100,000 per project.

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Industrial Studies & Assessments

Get up to 50 percent of costs to measure and assess your equipment and processes.

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