Speed up payback with incentives for energy efficiency

Do you know where your energy savings are? Let our experts help uncover opportunities specific to your building. Investing in energy-efficient retrofits will help you reduce costs, lower your carbon footprint and create a more comfortable environment.

What’s in it for you?

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    One-on-one expertise, at no cost to you.

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    Support to identify and prioritize energy efficiency projects.

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    Help to translate opportunities into measurable savings.

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    Incentives that cover up to 50 percent of energy efficiency upgrade costs.

Types of retrofit projects


Water heating systems

Building automation systems

Heat recovery

Variable frequency drives (VFDs)

How St. Catharines Collegiate improved ventilation and reduced costs

Built in 1923, St. Catharines Collegiate offers year-round educational programming to more than 600 students, right in the heart of downtown. By participating in the Commercial Custom Retrofit Program and upgrading the building automation system, the historic building was able to reduce natural costs, improve energy efficiency and enhance air quality, making the space more comfortable for students and staff.

Enbridge Gas incentive

annual natural gas savings

<1 year

“’Enbridge Gas provided clear and accurate data and an incentive to complete the project sooner. Without their expertise, we’d still be fumbling through the project.”

Sebastijan Zupanec
General Manager, Nahanni Steel Products Inc.

How the program works


Contact an Energy Solutions Advisor for help identifying energy-efficient retrofit projects suited to your business.


They’ll work with you and your service provider to calculate or verify estimated savings and payback with incentives.


Upon project completion, get an incentive that covers up to 50 percent of energy efficiency upgrade costs, up to $100,000 per project.

Are you an affordable housing provider?

The Affordable Multi-Family Housing program provides incentives for eligible energy-efficient upgrades in social, affordable and market-rate multi-family buildings.

What are the incentives?

Custom retrofit incentives
For all custom retrofit projects $0.25/m3 for natural gas saved*

*Up to 50 percent of energy efficiency upgrade costs, to a maximum of $100,000 per project.

For a limited time, get bonus incentives

Book a qualifying project with an Enbridge Gas Energy Solutions Advisor by June 30, 2023 and have it installed and commissioned by Oct. 31, 2023 to get a bonus incentive.

Limited-time offer

For all custom boiler projects $0.40/m3 for natural gas saved on projects for condensing boilers and/or related controls

$0.30/m3 for natural gas saved on projects for high efficiency boilers and/or related controls
For custom projects in Multi-Unit Residential Buildings (except boiler projects) $0.40/m3 for natural gas saved on projects

Boiler upgrades save Standard Life more than $125,000 a year

Upgrading to high-efficiency boilers with controls drove down operating costs, and incentives helped speed up payback.

  • 339,000 m3 annual natural gas savings
  • $125,000+ annual cost savings
  • 3-year payback

“The savings benefit tenants as well as building owners and they free up funds for other projects.”

Norman Almeida
Technical and Construction Manager

Is your project eligible?

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    Commercial buildings not limited to commercial, multi-unit residential, educational and institutional buildings.

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    Located in the Enbridge Gas service area, including areas previously served by Union Gas.

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    Project eligibility must first be confirmed by an Enbridge Gas Energy Solutions Advisor.

Learn how building automation systems can make your building more efficient

Building automation systems can not only help you optimize your energy use to reduce costs but also help improve resident comfort. Join Mark Pasini in this pre-recorded webinar where he explores how building automation systems can help make your building more efficient, enabling you to save more.

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