Incentives and expert advice to lower your energy costs

Whether you run a large manufacturing plant or institutional building, there are always new ways to find efficiencies and reduce operating costs. We can help identify opportunities, quantify potential savings and provide incentives to offset the incremental cost of implementation. What you save on energy will go straight to your bottom line.

What’s in it for you?

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    Complimentary one-on-one expertise.

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    Help to identify and prioritize energy-efficiency projects.

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    Help to translate opportunities into measurable savings.

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    Incentives that cover up to 50 percent of incremental project costs.

Types of retrofit projects

Reduce losses

  • Insulate hot surfaces.
  • Reduce process exhaust.
  • Reduce blowdown.

Recover heat

  • Add condensing economizers on boilers.
  • Use air compressor waste heat.


  • Upgrade to high-efficiency equipment.

How we helped Magna drive down energy costs

To reduce heating costs in their facility, Motor Specialty Manufacturing Ltd., a division of Magna, implemented heat recovery and installed equipment controls.

  • 486,000 m3 natural gas saved/year.
  • $121,500 saved on natural gas/year.
  • $106,705 in incentives received.

“Enbridge Gas provided the information needed to quantify the potential savings for us, and gave us confidence to move forward with the projects. We are now saving six digits annually on energy costs, significantly reducing our carbon emissions and improving the comfort on our plant floor.”

Barry Staddon
Assistant General Manager, Motor Specialty Manufacturing Ltd., a division of Magna

How the program works

Contact an Energy Solutions Advisor for help identifying energy-efficiency opportunities in your facility.

They’ll work with you and/or your service provider to calculate or verify estimated savings and incentives.

Implement the energy-efficiency project.

Get an incentive that covers up to 50 percent of incremental project costs, up to $100,000 per project.

What are the incentives?

Custom engineering incentives
  • $0.20/m3 for the first 50,000 m3.
  • $0.10/m3 for the remaining up to $200,000 per project.
  • $0.10/gross annual m3 saved.

Up to 50% of the incremental project cost, to a maximum of $200,000 per project. Based on estimated natural gas savings achieved annually.

Is your project eligible?

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    You’re an Enbridge Gas customer.

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    Your facility uses natural gas for key equipment and processes.

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    Excludes accounts served under certain rates, based on service area.

Take control of your natural gas costs and emissions

The more energy you use, the higher your energy bills, emissions levels and operating costs. Fortunately energy is a cost that can be measured and controlled like any other input. Watch a pre-recorded workshop led by Damir Naden, Supervisor, Large Industrial and Institutional Sales, to learn more.

Connect with an Energy Solutions Advisor

We’ll help you find ongoing savings and get your project underway.

Energy Insider

Get expert insights, featured technology, success stories and special offers to help you reduce costs. For industrial customers.

Industrial Custom Programs: Incentives apply to Enbridge Gas industrial customers for measures implemented and commissioned between Jan. 1 and Nov. 15 of the current calendar year. Projects must be pre-approved by Enbridge Gas. Volumetric savings are based either on Enbridge Gas approved engineering calculations or Enbridge Gas validated performance metrics. Enbridge Gas makes no warranty or guarantee regarding the estimated savings of any energy-efficiency measure. Replacements of existing energy-efficient equipment do not qualify. High-volume projects will be reviewed on a per-project basis. All applications are reviewed by Enbridge Gas and require verification of eligibility, proof of purchase and installation. Incentives cannot exceed 50 percent of incremental project costs and are only made available to customers where Enbridge Gas energy-efficiency offer(s) have impacted the customer’s decision to proceed with the improvement(s). HST is not applicable and will not be added to incentive payments. Programs are subject to change or cancellation without notice at any time.