Prioritizing efficiency for greener rentals

Ottawa-based CLV Group / InterRent REIT manages more than 10,000 residential rental units across Ontario and Quebec. With a Building Automation System (BAS) upgrade at their Burlington multi-unit residential tower, they’re able to maximize energy efficiency, reduce natural gas costs, improve resident comfort and make it easier for facilities staff to troubleshoot after-hours issues remotely.


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    CLV Group / InterRent REIT worked with an Enbridge Gas Energy Solutions Advisor to analyze the building’s energy use and design a custom solution.

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    The benefits add up:
    1. Lower natural gas bills.
    2. Improved heating andventilation control.
    3. Greater comfort for residents.
    4. Remote access for facilities staff.

Project highlights

Enbridge Gas incentive

reduction in annual natural gas consumption*

project cost

annual natural gas savings*

5 months
payback period

“We’re looking at every aspect of going green and at the same time making sure our residents are comfortable. Anywhere we can reduce CO2 emissions, we’ll do it.”

Marek Kozlowski, Facilities Manager,
CLV Group / InterRent REIT

Their story

After a routine assessment revealed that CLV Group / InterRent REIT’s Burlington high-rise was using more energy than comparable properties, they reached out to Enbridge Gas for help to identify opportunities for efficiency improvements.

Our solution

CLV Group / InterRent REIT worked with an Enbridge Gas Energy Solutions Advisor to analyze the building’s energy use and design a custom solution. CLV Group / InterRent REIT implemented a number of automation upgrades to significantly improve building efficiency, including changing water heater and snow melt pumps to intermittent operation, adding outdoor air reset to boilers, reducing design supply and return water temperatures on all boilers, and adding variable frequency drives to make-up air units.

Thanks to these BAS upgrades, CLV Group / InterRent REIT has reduced the property’s annual natural gas consumption by nearly 74,000 m3.* This project has also supported their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) efforts by helping them reduce their annual greenhouse gas emissions by 138 tonnes†—that’s equivalent to taking nearly 30 cars off the road each year!

“Enbridge Gas incentives are the icing on the cake and working with an Energy Solutions Advisor was extremely helpful,” says Marek Kozlowski, Facilities Manager, CLV Group / InterRent REIT Inc. “We were so impressed with the enhanced control and cost savings of this project, we’re planning to implement BAS upgrades in five additional buildings in Hamilton.”

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* Based on realized natural gas savings of 73,802 m3 at a rate of $0.30 per m3. Realized savings were calculated by comparing the normalized gas consumption in 2019 pre-retrofit and in 2021 post-retrofit.
† Source. Incentives are available to Enbridge Gas commercial customers with accounts in good standing. Incentive amounts depend on calculated annual natural gas savings and vary by facility and by energy-saving measure(s). HST is not applicable and will not be added to incentive payments.