Premium fitness facility takes energy efficiency to the next level

MOVATI Athletic is one of Canada’s fastest growing fitness clubs, known for an upscale fitness experience and state-of-the-art amenities. When it came time to build a new 70,000-square-foot fitness club in Windsor, Ontario, choosing high-efficiency equipment reduced natural gas costs, lowered the club’s carbon footprint and improved guest comfort.


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    As part of the Commercial Fixed Incentive program, an Energy Solutions Advisor worked with MOVATI to recommend appropriate high-efficiency equipment and estimate savings.

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    The benefits add up:
    1. More efficient equipment.
    2. Improved comfort for fitness.
    3. Lower energy costs and carbon footprint.


Enbridge Gas incentive

61,191 m3
natural gas saved annually

annual savings*

* Based on estimated annual natural gas savings of 61,191 m3 at a rate of $0.30 per m3. Savings identified by Movati Athletic and Enbridge Gas, collaboratively.

“We chose to install high efficiency equipment because the long-term energy savings outweigh the higher cost of equipment.”

With locations across Ontario, MOVATI is known for building features that create a safe and comfortable experience for members. With the help of Enbridge Gas incentives and one of our Energy Solutions Advisors, MOVATI was able to add energy efficiency to its list of building features. Together, they identified energy-efficient upgrades that lowered energy costs and also lessened the building’s environmental impact.

More comfort and control over costs

As part of Enbridge Gas’ Commercial Fixed Incentive program, an Energy Solutions Advisor worked with MOVATI to recommend appropriate high-efficiency equipment and estimate savings based on the equipment that was installed. Air curtains keep guests comfortable at entrances. Heat and energy recovery ventilators (ERV/HRV) reduce humidity near swimming pools. To avoid wasting energy during off hours, demand control ventilation (DCV) sensors, operating on a system separate from the ERV/HRVs, are used to adjust ventilation based on the club’s occupancy.

MOVATI’s team is looking forward to maintaining the highest standard for members. Energy efficiency is no exception.

“Our Energy Solutions Advisor was very helpful in the process from start to finish. They answered any questions and helped determine equipment eligibility.”

Speed up payback on equipment upgrades

Whether you’re replacing end-of-life equipment or planning to buy new, the Fixed Incentive Program makes it easy to offset the cost of upgrading to energy-efficient natural gas technology.

The Fixed Incentive program offers:

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    Expert help from Energy Solutions Advisors to find the right equipment for your business.

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    Fixed incentives for eligible energy efficient heating, ventilation and ozone laundry systems.

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    Incentives for business partners to install energy-efficient equipment.

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