Temperature setbacks deliver immediate savings during unoccupied times

Nahanni Steel Products Inc. is an automotive parts manufacturer. At its Brampton facility, conventional thermostats kept the plant at a constant temperature, resulting in energy waste during unoccupied times. Today, new smart temperature controls optimize energy use, provide fault detection and improve zone temperature control, while providing greater visibility into how the plant uses energy.


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    After a walk-through of the plant, we presented an opportunity to reduce costs through temperature setbacks using smart technology.

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    The benefits add up
    1. Remote access via smartphones or other devices.
    2. Ability to control different zones based on temperature needs.
    3. Better control of temperatures based on occupancy and shifts.
    3. Improved occupant comfort.

Project highlights

project cost

Enbridge Gas incentive

annual natural gas savings*

lower heating costs‡

<2 year

* Based on estimated annual natural gas savings of 19,903 m3 at a rate of $0.30 per m3.
† Includes Enbridge Gas Incentive and annual natural gas savings.
‡ Savings identified by Nahanni Steel.

Working 9 to 5?

Typical operating hours leave your space unoccupied 67 percent of the time. Temperature setbacks can reduce heating costs in warehouses, retail stores, places of worship, community centres and more.

"I value the strong relationship with my Energy Solutions Advisor at Enbridge Gas. I know I can rely on straightforward, honest ROI estimates to make an informed decision.”

Sebastijan Zupanec, General Manager,
Nahanni Steel Products Inc.

Greater visibility to track and act on energy waste

General Manager Sebastijan Zupanec is always looking for new solutions to improve energy efficiency. He turned to Enbridge Gas Energy Solutions Advisor Per Polderman who, after a walk-through of the plant, presented an opportunity to reduce costs through temperature setbacks using smart technology.

Prior to implementation, they spotted something amiss during the site assessment; there was exhaust coming from a rooftop unit (RTU). A faulty thermostat was causing it to fire during the off-season and would have continued to waste heat all summer had it gone unnoticed. Had a smart system been in place, this energy waste would have been identified and resolved sooner.

Saving money during unoccupied times

“Enbridge Gas provided clear and accurate data and an incentive to complete the project sooner. Without their expertise, we’d still be fumbling through the project.”

Sebastijan Zupanec, General Manager,
Nahanni Steel Products Inc.

The new system provides greater visibility into the plant’s heating consumption and adjusts automatically. “We now have clear data and 40 percent lower heating costs,” said Zupanec. “If you can’t see energy waste, you can’t save it. This project has uncovered many opportunities for future energy savings.”

Today, heat can be scheduled to be reduced during unoccupied times so they aren’t paying to heat an empty space—right from Zupanec’s smartphone. The greater the unoccupied times, the greater the potential for saving on heating costs.

Built-in logic optimizes the system based on how long it takes to heat the building. If a shift starts at 7 a.m. it will adjust to come on at 6:40 a.m. The system is also zone-controlled and scalable, should the company wish to automate lighting or ventilation at a later date.

Quick payback and strong ROI

In addition to the unbiased expertise of Enbridge Gas, financial incentives influenced Zupanec’s decision to proceed with the project. “They’re always beneficial to our return-on-investment,” he said. “We could have waited, but the incentive allowed us to complete the project sooner.”

The project is also an investment in Nahanni Steel’s people. “It’s important for us to put systems in place that create better comfort for our staff,” said Zupanec. “It’s hard for any company to find and keep great people. It’s an added benefit that we’re saving money.”

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