Efficient apartment living in midtown

Toronto’s first suburban strip mall, built in 1952, is reinvented as twin towers with rental apartments, office space and retail shops next to the Leaside Crosstown LRT station.


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    During the full-day Savings by Design workshop, they were not only able to support their objectives to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions but also stormwater management solutions.


Projected annual energy cost savings

82,426 kg CO2e
Projected GHG reduction**

Projected better energy performance than Ontario Building Code

rental units

square feet

16- and 11-storey
mixed-use residential towers

**Projected savings based on energy modelling simulations from the Savings by Design Integrated Design Process workshop.

Rise of a major redevelopment

Thanks to a wave of transit investment, Bayview and Eglinton has been designated a special policy area by the city of Toronto. A key part of this policy involves intensifying mid-rise development. Property owner RioCan REIT partnered with Concert Properties, known for their extensive portfolio of West Coast rental buildings, to redevelop Sunnybrook Plaza.

“Sunnybrook Plaza is one of our most exciting midtown developments,” said Edward Sonshine, Chief Executive Officer, RioCan REIT. “Participating in Savings by Design enables us to support our objectives to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions in our communities.”

Energy and beyond

While a major focus of the Savings by Design workshop is reducing energy use, the group also reviewed stormwater management solutions, as flooding has long been a concern at Bayview and Eglinton. The project team opted for a number of recommended building envelope enhancements, including improving whole-building air tightness (a 50 percent reduction from Code infiltration rate), and upgrades to appliances and fixtures for more efficient hot-water use.

Breathing easy with ERVs

The team also chose to upgrade in-suite energy recovery ventilators (ERVs) to 75 percent effectiveness. ERVs provide constant, balanced airflow to keep residents comfortable while using less energy.

Key energy-saving enhancements

  • Improved in-suite ERV effectiveness
  • Improved opaque wall performance
  • High-performance, double-glazed windows
  • ENERGY STAR® appliances
  • Low-flow water fixtures

“Participating in Savings by Design enables us to support our objectives to conserve energy and reduce carbon emissions in our communities.”

Edward Sonshine,
Chief Executive Officer, RioCan REIT

Start designing sustainable buildings with expert help

Savings by Design gives your project team free access to industry experts, technical tools and financial incentives to help you build high-performance, resilient and sustainable buildings.

How the program works

Number one

Visioning session

Session duration: 1 – 2 hours
We’ll meet with your project lead, sustainability manager and a design team member to help define your project requirements and sustainability priorities.

Number three

Evaluation of final design choices

Share the final designs that are being submitted to the municipality for permitting with your Energy Solutions Advisor to find out if the final design is likely to achieve the IDP efficiency performance targets. This also helps support continuous improvement of the program.

Number two

Integrated design process workshop

No cost
Workshop duration: 1 day Your team will strategize with energy modellers and sustainable design experts to maximize your project’s energy and environmental performance at a full-day workshop facilitated by Sustainable Buildings Canada.

An energy model will be developed as well as a final report summarizing the options discussed and recommendations.

Apply today to get the most out of your next project

* This has no cash value. To qualify for the program, projects must be located in the Enbridge Gas service area. City of Toronto and City of Ottawa projects will target the achievement of higher energy performance. Participants must agree to all program terms and conditions, fully participate in all stages of the program and meet all program requirements.