A cleaner, lower cost alternative to fuel your fleets

With the demand for cleaner, more affordable energy solutions growing rapidly, compressed natural gas (CNG) is a market-ready solution for highway tractors, refuse vehicles and transit fleets. We can help you green your fleets, with two programs to reduce costs and fight climate change.

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Reduce fuel costs up to 40%

Count on lower, stable prices with CNG.


Clean, ultra-quiet engines

Up to 90 percent quieter compared to diesel.

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We'll work with you

Get a plan for your business and budget.

Green your fleets and drive down costs with CNG

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Lower GHG emissions

Significantly reduce your fleet's greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions with CNG. For near-zero emissions, add RNG.
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Reduce your fuel costs up to 40%

Control operating costs with substantial savings on cleaner fuel.
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Cut down on maintenance costs

CNG vehicles have no emission equipment to service and upkeep.
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Quieter performance

Reduce noise on busy streets, and make driving more comfortable.
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Price stability

Compared to diesel, the abundant supply of natural gas ensures reliable pricing.
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Seamless and scalable

Get expert help from Enbridge Gas to help transition fleets.

Market-ready solutions to fight climate change

Hamilton CNG transit buses

Municipal transit solutions

Converting fleets to CNG is a reliable and effective way to reduce costs and carbon emissions. Let us help you make the switch with our all-inclusive turnkey Municipal Transit program, no upfront incremental capital required.
Transport CNG truck

Highway tractor solutions

Cut fuel costs by up to 40% when you switch to cleaner-burning CNG. Talk to a CNG expert today about what our customizable programs can do for your highway tractors.
CNG snow plow

Customizable CNG solutions

With more than 20 North American manufacturers in the market and a wide selection of original and retrofit choices, there's a CNG solution for every kind of fleet.

Contact us at ngtransport@enbridge.com.

Renewable Natural Gas facility

Looking for more alternative energy solutions?

Take savings even further with renewable natural gas (RNG)—a certified carbon-neutral fuel converted from organic waste.

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Get free, expert help to switch

Enbridge Gas can help you make the transition with seamless, customizable programs. We'll work with you to:

Weigh the advantages of CNG over other fuels.
Calculate potential savings and payback.

Create a conversion plan that works with your budget.

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