Enbridge Gas recommends completing Safety Violations through our online tool. While the portal is currently only available to former Enbridge Gas service areas, it will soon be available to former Union Gas service areas.

HVAC safety violations online tool

Use the HVAC safety violations online tool to easily submit clearances and safety violations in minutes. For further assistance and information, see the frequently asked questions and job aid.

  • Seamless real-time submissions and clearances.
  • Receive an instant email notification and reference number confirming that work has been submitted to Enbridge Gas.
  • Clear a safety violation – no paperwork.
  • A code selection drop-down menu.
  • Reporting options to keep track of recent activity.

Appliance safety violation notice

Enbridge Gas will provide copies to certified natural gas technicians of the Safety Violation Form that must be completed and emailed to us for reporting a gas appliance or equipment found in an unacceptable condition.

You can access this from through:

Notice: infract@enbridge.com in no longer active and is not being monitored.