Download your energy data or securely share it with a third party

The Ontario Ministry of Energy introduced a new requirement that beginning Nov. 1, 2021, most regulated Ontario electricity and natural gas utilities must provide their customers with access to their energy usage data in Green Button® format no later than Nov. 1, 2023.

Enbridge Gas has implemented this requirement, enabling you to both download your energy data in an industry-standard XML format and share this data with third parties that you authorize.

Solution has been certified by the Green Button Alliance.

Share your energy data

You can provide third parties access to your natural gas energy data automatically with “Share My Data”.

Third parties can use the data to provide insights and recommendations on ways customers can save energy and money.

We recommend researching third parties prior to sharing your energy data with them to ensure they meet your needs. Enbridge Gas will ensure that the registered third party can accept your data securely before releasing your information. The third party that you authorize will only be sent the specific data categories you’ve specified.

For customers

Share my data allows you to share your energy data with a third party that you’ve authorized to receive your data.

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For third parties

Access the third party portal, learn more about applying to become a third party that can obtain Enbridge Gas customer data and more.

Learn more  Third party FAQs

Download your energy data

The Green Button format offers our residential and business customers a way to download their energy data to gain better insight into energy waste and inefficiencies, allowing you to save money and reduce demand on the energy system.

As an Enbridge Gas customer, you have access to download up to 24 months of energy data. The download process generates an .xml file containing your energy data based on the parameters you specify.

To download your energy data today, sign in or register for My Account and navigate to the Share My Data section. From here you can specify account and time period parameters for the .xml file download.

Frequently asked questions

The authorized third party companies listed here have successfully registered and met set requirements to be eligible to obtain customer-authorized energy usage data. If you decide to share your data with a third party, we recommend you conduct thorough research before allowing access to your energy data.

From My Account you can navigate to the companies that have registered as a third party with Enbridge Gas. You will be redirected to the third party website to complete the authorization. Learn more about the services they provide prior to authorizing access, so you can assess whether you want to share your energy data.

You must sign up for My Account in order to access the Green Button service.

Yes, you have the ability to share your energy data with one or multiple third party companies.

Once a customer has authorized a third party, Enbridge Gas will only share up to 24 months of your energy usage and billing gas consumption data based on the account number(s) selected.

Enbridge Gas will only share personal identifiable information (PII) such as account number, mailing and service address details if the customer has agreed to provide it to a third party.

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