Incentives to save energy and grow your profits

Whether you’re building a new greenhouse, replacing end-of-life equipment or need help uncovering new energy-saving opportunities, our Energy Solutions Advisors can help you build a sustainable action plan with expert help and incentives.

Saving energy can help you:

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    Reduce operating and maintenance costs.

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    Achieve ongoing energy savings.

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    Optimize crop growth and energy use.

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    Stay competitive and profitable.

Why work with us?

For growers of vegetables, cannabis and fresh flower crops, connecting with an Energy Solutions Advisor has many advantages. We’ll work with you to:

Understand your business needs and set goals to save energy.

Identify and prioritize energy-saving projects across your business.

Calculate estimated savings to help build your business case.

Provide technical support for energy-efficient equipment and processes.

Apply for programs and incentives to speed up payback.

Incentive programs

Fixed Incentive Program

Get incentives to offset the cost of installing energy-efficient space and water heating equipment.

Studies & assessments

Get help identifying and prioritizing energy-saving opportunities and determine which actions will save you the most money.

Industrial Custom Engineering Program

Get incentives for implementing energy-saving measures or installing high-efficiency equipment that reduces natural gas consumption.

Where are your top opportunities hiding?

Here are some examples of common technologies that have helped our agribusiness customers maximize their energy performance.

Energy curtains

Energy curtains reduce natural gas use by retaining heat during the winter. When the curtains are closed, heat is contained, resulting in fewer hours of boiler usage.

Triple polyethylene roof and walls

Triple polyethylene consists of three plastic layers and two air gaps that improve heat retention, enhance plant growth and reduce condensation.

Vent seals

Vent seals provide an airtight seal to prevent leakage air infiltration all year round. They also prevent bugs and diseases from infecting crops.

Diffused glass

Designed to distribute light more evenly among greenhouse crops, diffused glass can increase high-wire crops by five to ten percent.

Steam to hot water conversion

Heat loss is always greater with steam systems. Converting from steam to hot water can reduce energy and operating costs.

“Lots of people come and try to persuade us to invest in costly new things claiming they will save money. But you don’t really know until you have a program like this where you have an assessment done beforehand. The engineering study funded by Enbridge Gas gave credibility to the savings numbers. And the incentives helped reduce the upfront costs. Now that we’ve had the energy curtains in place for a year, you can really see the benefits. I wish we had installed them a lot sooner. The energy savings and other benefits definitely justify the cost.”

Trish Fournier, General Manager, Lake Erie Farms
Courtland, Ontario

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