How we’re investing in Ontario municipalities

We partner with 355 communities across Ontario on sustainable solutions to reduce costs and fight climate change. From conservation programs to innovative low-carbon technologies, we’re helping our customers save money and energy while leading the transition to a clean energy future.

As Canada’s largest natural gas distribution company, we serve 3.9 million customers and heat more than 75 percent of Ontario’s homes, safely and reliably. Natural gas is essential to enable renewable energy, fuel critical industries and make Ontario more resilient.

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Safe, reliable energy to heat homes and businesses

We’re making affordable natural gas available to more communities across Ontario.
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Programs and incentives to cut costs and reduce emissions

We're helping our customers save money and energy.
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Safety, community investment and emergency services

From social initiatives to emergency services, we’re committed to the communities we serve.
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Innovative, low-carbon energy solutions

We’re investing and advancing Ontario’s clean energy transition.

Teaming up for a cleaner energy future

Greening your gas supply

Renewable natural gas (RNG)

With expertise and capital support, we help customers turn food scraps, farm waste and sewage into carbon-neutral RNG to fuel municipal fleets and heat homes and businesses.

Renewable hydrogen

We’re working with partners to use surplus electricity to produce, store and blend renewable hydrogen into the natural gas system.

Low-carbon solutions for heating and transportation

Carbon-neutral fleets

With no upfront capital required, our market-ready Municipal Transit Program can help municipalities drive down costs and emissions with compressed natural gas (CNG) and compressed RNG—a low-carbon alternative to diesel.


With our turnkey Geothermal Program, municipalities are reducing on-site emissions with a low-carbon, renewable solution to heat and cool homes and buildings.

Gas heat pumps

We provide incentives and expert help to enable commercial and industrial buildings to switch from conventional condensing boilers to highly efficient gas heat pumps, which can reduce emissions up to 50 percent.

Investing in municipalities

Conservation programs

We’re helping homes, businesses and industry save through incentives and expert help. Our conservation programs have saved over 56 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and helped over 170,000 costumers reduce costs and their carbon footprint.

Community expansion

Today, more Ontarians have access to safe, affordable, reliable natural gas. From social initiatives to partnerships, we’re committed to the communities we serve.

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