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Understanding the reasons for changes to natural gas prices.

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We have helped people find more comfort and savings in their homes.

Say yes to FREE upgrades that save energy!

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Multi-factor authentication (MFA) options added to My Account

You now have the choice to add MFA to your My Account profile.

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Good things come in threes

Looking to save money and reduce energy costs? From help for income-qualified homes to rebates for energy efficient upgrades, we can help you save on energy, make your home more comfortable and lower your natural gas bill.

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Do you know the signs of a gas leak?

Natural gas leaks can be seen, heard or smelled. See all of our tips on how to detect a natural gas leak.

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Keep Your Meter Clear

Did you know that a natural gas meter covered in snow or ice can lead to serious risks for you and your family?

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How can I help? Chatbot
How can I help? Chatbot